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Fable: The Journey Review | Destructoid

Jim Sterling writes, "It's yet another motion control game masquerading as something adventurous and bold, but frequently exposing itself for the shallow, monotonous, borderline broken experience it actually is. While some elements of Fable: The Journey really do work, and no effort has been spared to make this look and feel like a quality product, the reality is that no amount of polish can hide the inherent faultiness of the product. The Journey wants so desperately to impress you, but it can only ever ruin your day.

And it's on-rails." (Fable: The Journey, Xbox 360) 3.5/10

Afterlife  +   1057d ago
The Fable franchise is dead after this.
guitarded77  +   1057d ago
IGN liked it. Destructoid is known for giving obscenely low scores to decent games (not great games) to get attention. I doubt we'll see another Fable game until the next MS console, but the Fable franchise is far from dead.
Irishguy95  +   1057d ago
Ign are known for rating GTA4 very high

+ Lol at Microsoft and Kinect//
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StreetsofRage  +   1057d ago
GTA4 rated high? Uuuuuuum, I don't get what you're saying. GTA4 is an amazing game.

Yeah IGN and a few other better known sites liked it. Still going to be the first Fable I skip.
fei-hung  +   1057d ago
IGN, Destructoid, Gamespot, Edge and most the others do this. I can't say any of them are not guilty of it at some point or another.

Although I disagree with you, it is only to an extent as Jim has a habit or tearing a game to shreds by exaggerating how bad it is if it doesn't live up to what it could have / should have been or if he thinks the developers are taking the piss.

As a gamer, I can't blame him for this, but I can understand why fans or loyalists of a game or franchise may be aggravated by this.

Edit: I find Machinima and Angry Joe pretty good for reviews and give far better reasons for their scores.
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EVILDEAD360  +   1057d ago
EGM gave it a 90%..

These are same guys who gave Witcher 2 a 4.5 simply because it was on the 360..glad I didnt listen to them then and they hold nmo weight now.

You can see through all of the excessively low scores that are getting thrown around for 'certain' games on thes little sites.

But hey it's his opinion. It'll be fun to read these after playing gthe game to see if it's REALLY this horrible unreedeemable software or the writer and the site is simply..you know

baldulf  +   1057d ago
It already was.
QuantumWake  +   1057d ago
I like Gamer Limit's review of it:

"Due to the unresponsive controls, you're going to have a lot of frustrating moments where you'll want to throw a controller against the wall - only you are the controller, which could end pretty badly for yourself."


vividi  +   1057d ago
epic! LOL
Bimkoblerutso  +   1057d ago
It's just not right writing a review without finishing the game. It may or may not ultimately affect the score, but it's a matter of retrospection. There have been several games I've disliked playing through quite a bit, but looked back on more favorably because of a late-game mechanic or a satisfying ending or an incredible boss fight.
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SilentNegotiator  +   1057d ago
How would that have validated a game with such a long stretch of unenjoyable, broken gameplay?

Would it have deserved a 4, then? Would you play through a terrible game for a boss fight or interesting late-game mechanic?

If the game were less....crap for the first several hours, hey, I'd agree you with. But this is a cut and dry bad game. The last ENTIRE HALF of the game could not POSSIBLY make the first half worth it, unless it was an entirely different game.
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Bimkoblerutso  +   1057d ago
I feel like I answered all of your questions in my original comment. It may or may not affect the score. That's not the point.

Reviews are comprehensive, or at least as comprehensive as they possibly can be. I feel like if you failed to complete something as essential as the main story, you may well be in your rights to dislike what you played, but not within your rights to "review" the game and affix an overall score.

And just to be clear, I don't care what game they're reviewing. I feel like you might be harboring a modicum of bias on the subject because of the game we're talking about, but in reality the game looks just as terrible to me as it does to everyone else. That doesn't affect my opinion.
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Bigpappy  +   1057d ago
I agree with Bim. Jim Sterling made it clear that he does not care from motion control and hates the fact that the game is on rails. Then he ends up not finishing the game. How about given the game to someone else to rewiew. Hire someone just to review motion control games.

Would you want Halo fanboy reviewing LBP then giving it a 1/10 because it had too much jumping so he could not finish?
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fei-hung  +   1057d ago
I think Jim is more pissed about the promises made before, during and after the reveal of the game as supposed to marking it down for being a motion control game.

I have not come across a single review for this game where they haven't complained about how it controls and how frustrating it is when the controls do not work as intended.

It also doesn't help being part of the Fable brand which is known to be a AAA franchise.

I would assume people expected a lot more from this Kinect game than the many which came before.
SilentNegotiator  +   1057d ago
Sock it to 'em, Jim.

1) Built upon a lie (it's absolutely on rails)
2) Not lazy or without direction...just bad
3) Bad aim in combat
4) Few enemies and attacks
5) Can play itself at times
DigitalRaptor  +   1057d ago
Now that Peter M is gone from Lionhead, it looks like they're more than happy to continue his legacy of making promises they just cannot keep.

The "on rails" thing is just a complete and shameful lie though.
StreetsofRage  +   1057d ago
Yeah this site always gives crappy reviews. But cmon now, like anybody is surprised by this? I'm a huge Fable fan. Absolutely loved the first 3 and I predicted this. Al though, their are good reviews for this game from better sites.
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Nac  +   1057d ago
There will be a Fable 4.
NYC_Gamer  +   1057d ago
Kinect is way too limited on the current 360 hardware
YodaCracker  +   1057d ago
Unfortunately, it's true. Microsoft probably should have waited for their next console to introduce Kinect. I can't wait to see what amazing stuff they will be able to pull off with the additional processing power. Releasing for the Xbox 360 where it cannot perform to its full potential could have actually hurt Kinect a bit. Of course, financially it has still been massively successful for Microsoft (fastest-selling consumer electronics device of all time back in 2010) and I'm sure Kinect will be an essential part of the Xbox experience next gen. Hopefully it is bundled with every console. For now though, they should just stick with using Kinect for small enhancements on core games. I really enjoyed the Kinect integration with Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, and Forza Motorsport 4, among others.
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insomnium2  +   1057d ago
MS gotz teh profitz from Kinect so they (and fanboys on this site) don't care. It's all about teh zales.
aiBreeze  +   1057d ago
Better with Kinect.. LMFAO! I love how directly below this comment thing there is a link to the OXM review giving this an 8/10 hmmmmm my BS sense is tingling.
wastedcells  +   1057d ago
Garbage.... Might as well rename the kinect dance central cause it's the only good to come out of this mess. My girl friend loves it more than any other game ever made lol ended up just giving her my Xbox so she can play and leave me alone to play ps3/pc. She hasn't touched the wii since.
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gamer7804  +   1057d ago
Destructoid is far below the normal score for this game. Ign and joystiq both gave it a good score.

YMMV with kinect games, i actually really enjoyed the demo for this and plan on picking it up.

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