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Fable: The Journey Review | OXM UK

OXM UK: "Strong characters entertain throughout the game's uncharacteristically involving story, with sheer imagination turning those limited core systems into something just that little bit more magical. There are tears, laughter - and most importantly, the first successful stab at Kinect-enhanced immersion - as Fable: The Journey gallops toward its epic conclusion." (Fable: The Journey, Xbox 360) 8/10

sonicsidewinder  +   965d ago
"and most importantly, the first successful stab at Kinect-enhanced immersion"

Heh, it only took, what? 2 years?

Forgive me if I don't believe OXM's biased view.
dirigiblebill  +   965d ago
OK, you're forgiven. But don't do it again, or I'll set the dogs on you.
edonus  +   964d ago
Actually kinect has a bunch of good games on it. And they have had long legs and prove to sell pretty well. The games that sell the least are the games for gamers that consider them selves core the problem is there is so few core motion control gamers.
Me being one of the few can tell you that kinect has been a bright spot and one of my favorie things this. gen.
hennessey86  +   964d ago
I have sold my kinect now, I loved kinect sports and dance central. Unfortunately I did get bored of it in the end but was still using it daily with fitness evolved.
aiBreeze  +   965d ago
So is this a biased review that should be ridiculed and the journalist strung up by his balls for interrogation or is this game actually something worth looking at?
aPerson  +   964d ago
It's a biased review.
dirigiblebill  +   964d ago
Prove it. Using actual, you know, proof, as opposed to "everybody knows that" or "my best friend says that" or "I disagree with XYZ review ergo CORRUPTION".
aPerson  +   964d ago
And how exactly can I prove it? It's my opinion. Prove to me that it isn't a biased review.

According to Metacritic, the game has an average rating of 57/100 from critics. Official Xbox Magazine is going to give the game a positive review regardless of whether or not the game is any good. Why would they talk down an Xbox exclusive? Apply some common sense.
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dirigiblebill  +   964d ago
Nope - you made the original accusation, which means the burden of proof falls to yo' presumptuous ass. By all means play the game, dissect the reviewer's claims and make an informed judgement.

PS. Correlation is not causation.
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