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IGN: "Fable: The Journey’s Kinect spellcasting is an empowering treat...when it works. Which is about 75% of the time."

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EVILDEAD3601927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

@ Chunky

Wow your already 5 hours in..I planned on picking up my pre-order this week.

I'm laughing at how hard some of the reviewers are reaching to find negatives for the game.

Kotaku said a negative is that the reviewer is a 'grown man and he's pretending to drive an 'imaginary carriage'

Like it somehow is any different when we pretend to ride 'imaginary' horses with a controller for games like Red Dead Redemption.

Good or'll be something I'll experience on my own.


Cocozero1927d ago

Looks like a solid game

DiRtY1927d ago

Kinect games will never be well received by the critics. NEVER.

Blastoise1927d ago

Sesame Street has 79 on Metacritic...

Sizzon1927d ago

Dance Central?

The Gunstringer?

Sesame Street?

Shadonic1927d ago

that nt geo kinect game got a higher score than resident evil 6

Loki861927d ago

Child of Eden proved that certain hardcore genre's work better on Kinect.

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Afterlife1927d ago

75% responsive? that's still shit imo. It should be 90% or bust.

from the beach1927d ago

"Strangely, it seems as if the longer you play, the more likely you are to encounter a problem."

Basically the longer you play the more tired your arms get, and the more you start flailing around instead of doing the required actions. It's not rocket science..

Afterlife1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Is the Kinect stupid or something? just in 1 session, it goes dumb on you.

For some reason, he said he had to calibrate it. So it seems that's the real solution and not rest.

from the beach1927d ago

No it's not stupid, or intelligent, or jealous, or squeamish, or a jaffa cake.

It's a machine that recognises specific motion inputs and is dependent on the player doing them properly. Typically this guy assumes the fault is with Kinect rather than with him, despite probably also wondering why his arms are throbbing with pain after playing for several hours!

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