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Fable: The Journey Review | IGN

IGN: "Fable: The Journey’s Kinect spellcasting is an empowering treat...when it works. Which is about 75% of the time." (Fable: The Journey, Xbox 360) 7.2/10

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SlavisH2  +   899d ago
EVILDEAD360  +   899d ago
@ Chunky

Wow your already 5 hours in..I planned on picking up my pre-order this week.

I'm laughing at how hard some of the reviewers are reaching to find negatives for the game.

Kotaku said a negative is that the reviewer is a 'grown man and he's pretending to drive an 'imaginary carriage'

Like it somehow is any different when we pretend to ride 'imaginary' horses with a controller for games like Red Dead Redemption.

Good or bad..it'll be something I'll experience on my own.

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Cocozero  +   899d ago
Looks like a solid game
DiRtY  +   899d ago
Kinect games will never be well received by the critics. NEVER.
Blastoise  +   899d ago
Sesame Street has 79 on Metacritic...
Sizzon  +   899d ago
Dance Central?

The Gunstringer?

Sesame Street?
Shadonic  +   899d ago
that nt geo kinect game got a higher score than resident evil 6
Loki86  +   899d ago
Child of Eden proved that certain hardcore genre's work better on Kinect.
Afterlife  +   899d ago
75% responsive? that's still shit imo. It should be 90% or bust.
from the beach  +   899d ago
"Strangely, it seems as if the longer you play, the more likely you are to encounter a problem."

Basically the longer you play the more tired your arms get, and the more you start flailing around instead of doing the required actions. It's not rocket science..
Afterlife  +   899d ago
Is the Kinect stupid or something? just in 1 session, it goes dumb on you.

For some reason, he said he had to calibrate it. So it seems that's the real solution and not rest.
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from the beach  +   899d ago
No it's not stupid, or intelligent, or jealous, or squeamish, or a jaffa cake.

It's a machine that recognises specific motion inputs and is dependent on the player doing them properly. Typically this guy assumes the fault is with Kinect rather than with him, despite probably also wondering why his arms are throbbing with pain after playing for several hours!
from the beach  +   899d ago
Meh score, but at least they didn't trash it.

Also how badass is this:

"During one section near the end, for instance, with the fully upgraded magic arsenal at my disposal and Kinect firing on all cylinders in my gaming space, I faced down a pack of fast-leaping Balverine wolves.

"I grabbed one with my left hand and spun it, sending him into a dizzy, stunned state. At the same time, I cocked my right arm back to charge my default magic ball attack spell, brought my hand back above my shoulder to switch to the Magic Shard (I could’ve also said “Magic Shard”), then flung the javelin-like projectile out to my right and waved my right hand back to the left to activate Aftertouch, sending the upgraded shard’s three barbs to each hit one of the three enemies.

"I finished two of them off by quickly blasting them with rapid-fire bolts, and then the third one charged me. It leaped into the air. I turned my left shoulder towards the screen to block, sending it reeling backwards. I raised my right hand, said “Fireball” to conjure my most potent offensive attack, then flung my arm forward to send the projectile out, where it impacted the last wolf and exploded it in a glorious burst of flame."
insomnium2  +   899d ago
I'm sorry but anyone who thinks something like that sounds "badass" simply cannot be more than 12 yo. It sounds more like a chore to play something like this. Not to mention how awkward and embarrassing it would be to anyone above 12yo to play something like this seriously.

Enjoy it kids is all I have to say.
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from the beach  +   899d ago
The self-loathing words of a man ashamed to be a videogamer.
PinkFunk  +   899d ago
Actually, though i've never played Kinect, that sounds pretty awesome. I'd like to see it in action cause I could see it working quite well in that circumstance, and making you feel quite powerful.

I do game on a PS3, and used to game on a PC. I don't have an Xbox, and for that matter haven't had a PS3 in half a year due to the fact that i've moved, but I see Kinect as having a positive side. Not usually my cup of tea, but hey, if someone gets enjoyment out of it, how can you deny.

Ooooh but then that reminds me, if the majority of people get entertained watching something like Transforms, does that make the film any good? It's complete trash and should be noted as such. Bah, I haven't tried Kinect so I can't say sh*t.
JohnApocalypse  +   899d ago
Lot of hate on their video review on Youtube
Loki86  +   899d ago
The problem with Kinect is it is a starting point, patches and firmware updates are not going to fix non-responsiveness or lag issues. Kinect has alot of practical applications, but a full scale hardcore game is simply not possible with the current hardware. However, this technology is an excellent start towards creating the future of gaming. A higher resolution camera and a multi cell processor would be a great next step toward creating more accuracy, although it is hard to recreate the 1:1 with pinpoint accuracy, including very subtle movements and complex situations like laying down and so forth.

What all the haters need to understand as this is brand new technology not the idea, but the process and it is going to be a rough transition period until the kinks are worked out. Once they accomplish this will be become the industry standard, it is simply evolution through advancement.
SolidDuck  +   899d ago
haha, kinect. Just say kinect and try not to laugh, what a joke.
TongkatAli  +   899d ago
When I make a game I hope it doesn't get a 9 or an 8. Its all about that 7.2 ; )
eferreira  +   899d ago
GribbleGrunger  +   899d ago
So you can put your hands on your lap most of the time and it still plays itself. It starts to break the longer you play it until it almost unplayable and to recalibrate you have to quit out of the game...


Hows the IGN App on the 360 doing fellas?
Knight_Crawler  +   899d ago
You do realise that they gave Sorcery 7.5/10... wasn't Sorcery hyped up by your people to be the Move ultimate game :)

GribbleGrunger  +   899d ago
Sorcery worked my friend and wasn't on rails. And 'my people'. Wow, I've never seen the 'block' mentality so clearly exposed... 'bro'.
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insomnium2  +   899d ago

Good point Gribble. +1 for you.

LOL @ chunky up there:

"N4G hates Kinect, this is the site that said it'd be the next Sega 32x"

With 500 million dollars put into ads? No noone thought Kinect wouldn't sell. Everyone knows it is a laggy pos and aimed for kids though. That will never change.
RememberThe357  +   895d ago
"Your people" Dude get a life.
wastedcells  +   896d ago
Does knight crawler stock you?

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