Electronic Arts removes content from Battlefield 3's Aftermath and End Game DLC

DSOGaming writes: "And here we go again. It seems that EA has removed some content from Battlefield 3′s upcoming DLC, Aftermath and End Game. According to the official BF3 Twitter account, Aftermath was supposed to include new weapons, however it has been confirmed that both Aftermath and End Game won’t feature any new weapons."

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AusRogo1924d ago

I was hoping to get the XM8 in one of these packs.. really disappointed that we want get new weapons. But if they try to sell the guns separate, they can go f**k themselves.

GreenRanger1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

They'll add it in later.
You'll be buying DLC for your DLC, one of these days.

Detoxx1923d ago

I heard you like DLC, so we put DLC in your DLC so you can play all the DLC

kratos171923d ago

@dsqd-detox that was way too funny. lol

SP3333D-O1923d ago

Oh, and these aren't included in the season pass.

LackTrue4K1923d ago

I feel like i got scamed from all that BF3 Premium crap!!! Im never gana by another seascen pass ever!!!

EDIT....DAM! THIS JUST REMINDED ME OF, i did the same with Borderlands 2. :/

SeekDev1923d ago

I'm just curious, were you guaranteed all of the DLC that will ever come out for BF3 or Borderlands 2 when you purchased the season passes? I'd just like to find out what the marketing was like for these season passes, I never researched them because I didn't have the money or time for them, but it's still an interesting thought that these companies may have marketed the season pass in such a way that you thought you'd get all DLC. On the other hand, they may have made it clear that you'd only be saving on the main DLC (in the case of Borderlands 2).

kesvalk1923d ago

the difference is that gearbox try to make their DLC worthy.

never buy DLC from EA or Capcom, you gonna have a bad time.

LackTrue4K1923d ago

@SeekDev BF3, i can't remember, all i know is all clan members were gana get it (so i jumped in the sinking boat too.

And Borderlands, i didn't know it was gana have a season pass. they were promoting it on the counter on its release day. I'm 80% sure it read "All DLC" on it.

kesvalk1923d ago

@SeekDev dunno about BF3 but Borderlands 2 have it clear that is the first 4 expansions DLC that they were already planning for the game, DLC like the mechromancer not included.

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Parappa1924d ago

Aftermath replaced the weapons pack with a new game mode so really only the end game DLC pack will fill empty.

I don't mind though because I got BF3 Premium for free when EA/DICE/Sony goofed.

aquamala1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

for about 10 hours couple weeks ago you could get Premium for free on PS3 by going to the BF3 store on PS3, it was listed as "free". it's a glitch.

GhettoBlasStarr1924d ago

WHAT!!!!! I was really looking forward to NEW WEAPONS. EA you would really "DROP the Ball" if this happens. That was the main reason why Premium was worth the money.

andibandit1923d ago

Get your "Drop the ball" DLC for battlefield 3, right now. 20% off for premiim members

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