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What better way to reinvent a gaming franchise than taking away the controller? It’s a risky proposition to turn one of the most successful Xbox franchises into a Kinect-only title, but that’s exactly what’s been done with Fable. Instead of producing a family-friendly mini-game based game, however, Lionhead Studios have created a full-blown adventure that manages to rival the main canon in scope. Not only is Fable: The Journey an evolution of the series, but a crucial experiment to see if Kinect can manage to produce a story-driven experience with nothing but the player’s body.

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2019d ago
dedicatedtogamers2019d ago

Most sites have been giving it MISERABLE scores. I wouldn't hold your breath for this to be a killer "hardcore" Kinect game.

Shadonic2019d ago

ign gave it a 7.2 thats good by there standered and honostly you cant really judge games on bad reviews especially when the gaming community is kind of biased when it comes to kinect.

Dread2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

no haters yet?


this is the only kenect game i actualy want to play, so i hope it keeps getting good reviews.

Locksus2019d ago

Aww, the game is sitting at 59 at Metacritic :/ That's too bad.

Summons752019d ago

You rely on metacritic :/ that's too bad

Locksus2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Who said I did? You're putting words into my mouth. I just think it's too bad that its metacritic score isn't that high.

Shadonic2019d ago

you mean the site where anyone can influence the score no matter if they played looked or even heard of the game heck dont even have to be in the same universe? dosent sound like the best site.

Locksus2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

I wasn't talking about the user scores, mind you. I'm fairly sure that the critics play the game before submitting their reviews about it.

But I agree with you. I wouldn't trust Metacritic at all if I wanted to decide whether to buy a game or not. I buy games if they look amazing to me. Reviews simply give and idea about what the game is like.

Fishy Fingers2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Hardcore gamer, reviewing a kinect game? What paradox is this?

Mate is a big Fable fan and a dusty kinect owner so I'm sure he'll be one of many happy to see this turn out to be a decent addition to the franchise and an excuse to fire up the kinect.

SlavisH22019d ago

I guess this is the game people have been waiting for! sounds good.

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