Dishonored 1080P Walkthrough

Dishonored is a story about clearing your name and getting revenge for getting framed for something that you didn't do. How you do it is completely up to you! This game is all about choice so when someone else plays the game they can take other paths, kill different people or not kill anyone at all. There hasn't been a game that gives the gamer this much power since the original Bioshock. All gameplay was captured in glorious 1080P using the Elgato Game Capture HD.

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Intentions1837d ago

Geeze, its only been out for a day....

-MD-1837d ago

You can rush through it in 6 hours if you want to ruin the game for yourself, a stealth playthrough will last a long time though.

I'm barely past the intro and I have 5 hours played.

Apocwhen1837d ago

That's great to hear. I love playing games with a stealth approach.

josephayal1837d ago

Beautiful Graphics, must be the PS3 Version

belac091837d ago

im not an x box fan, but it is on x box 360 in this video. it does look great.