Kinect Sesame Street TV Review | GodisaGeek

GodisaGeek: "Combining the superb educational nous and premium kids telly experience of Sesame Street with excellent Kinect flourishes that actually work? If you have kids under the age of five this is a no-brainer. It has to be the most fun educational “gaming” experience I have played for some time, and I just wish I had played on it before we recorded our recent Saint & Greensie podcast about the topic. The wealth of extra content makes the package even more entertaining and there are even a whopping 2000 gamerscore points available here – making it undoubtedly the cheapest way to earn 2000G, although Seany says “Shame on you” if you buy or rent it just for that, and I will personally see to it that God kills a kitten if you do. Kinect was made for this sort of thing. I would certainly be much more happy for a little person to spend a few hours with this than just mindlessly watching telly."

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