Valve Wants You To Test 'Unreleased Games, Hardware Prototypes'

NowGamer: Valve wants the public to test never-before-seen games and hardware products, according to a post on the Steam forums.

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TimmyShire1892d ago

Sign me up. Valve know their shiz.

iamnsuperman1892d ago

It is annoying you have to live in America to sign up (I understand hardware wise but not for software)

Lyssk1892d ago

It's because you will be under NDA, and must playtest in their office, you can't paytets from home.

Knight_Crawler1892d ago

This is Gabes way of trolling by making us play an awesome game and then making us wait 8 years or more to get any info in...Gabe is the king of trolls.

They say a fat joke about Gabe a day keeps Half Life Ep 3 3 away - Gabe you so fat that when you walked across my TV I missed 1 enitre season on Game of Thrones : )

roadkillers1892d ago

I kind of understood that...

skyward1892d ago

Expect there will be NDAs. Would be well up for testing Valve's headset with CS:GO/L4D2/HL3 though.

FPStealthRPGamer1892d ago

Valve's console(Steambox???) and Half-Life 3???
...and then i fainted....

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

"you're welcome to fill out the survey no matter where you live as we may have plans for remote playtests in the future. Thanks for your interest in helping us make better products!

You can hit the link to take the Playtester survey though Valve confirmed that it is "looking to add international support in the future. For now though, playtesting will be US only."

They are just awsome..

skyward1892d ago

The mention of motion-sickness makes me think VR headset. Has to be.

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The story is too old to be commented.