Mass Effect 3: Retaliation multiplayer pack releases today, launch trailer showcases a new menace

El33tonline writes:

"BioWare has done an excellent job of providing regular incentives for players to revisit Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer mode, with three free expansions being released since the game launched in March."

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IIC0mPLeXII2050d ago

Waste of talent. More single player less stupid mode.

Xof2050d ago

No amount of single player content will make the game any better. They're simply catering their DLC to the only gaming demographic (those who love multiplayer shooters) who liked ME3.

IIC0mPLeXII2050d ago

So people who should of just stuck to gears basically.

Pain_Killer2050d ago

Omega is planned for fall release. Most of their SP-DLC was delayed because of the ending controversy.

LAWSON722050d ago

Selfish much you should of just said give to me and f everyone else

VanguardOfCalamity2050d ago

(you should lie down)<paragon>
(we're right behind you)<renegade>
(we're right behind you) :D

MasterD9192050d ago

Nice to see they are still throwing out free DLC multiplayer packs.

Waiting on future campaign DLC though...