Mass Effect 4: 10 Things We Want From BioWare’s New Saga

WC - With the Reaper threat averted, galactic life is free from the eternal cycle of reprocessing, and now we’re left wondering where Bioware will take Mass Effect as a franchise. Not too long ago it was revealed that Casey Hudson is overseeing the development of an new Mass Effect game, stating that it was being built from the bottom up. This is great news, but it’s hard to imagine how the Mass Effect team could create an enemy as worthy as the Reapers, which empowered Shepard’s status as legend in the galaxy. With that in mind, do we want another trilogy?

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cl19832080d ago

I hope the bring it back to being more of an rpg, and less of a shooter.

Kingscorpion19812080d ago


Xof2080d ago

How silly.

Bioware is already gone, and the ME franchise is already dead. If this were a 70's sitcom, this is the point where we all roll our eyes and say, "oh, EA," while crossing our arms.

darkness6252080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

ME series is dead it doesn't matter anymore. Unless the ending is fix, but that's definitely not happening. No point of caring now.

strauser3602080d ago

Your making me dumber with that comment.

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