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XCOM Crash Fixes, Errors, Cannot Zoom, No Voice, Corrupt Game Files, and More

Find fixes for XCOM: Enemy Unknown game problems such as errors, crashes, unable to zoom, no sound, and corrupt game files. (PC, XCOM: Enemy Unknown)

gamejohn00x  +   1055d ago
lol, PC gamers and their crashes.
Snookies12  +   1055d ago
I have to lol too, even being one... It's always something... XD
dedicatedtogamers  +   1054d ago
Because consoles NEVER have performance issues, right? Like, for example: The Elder Scrolls 5: Stutter...I mean Skyrim.
Captain Qwark 9  +   1054d ago
why i love console games lol, ill take a few less features and crappier graphics in favor of none of this crap. i dont want to spend 10-20min troubleshooting when i just get a game
RonaldRaygun  +   1054d ago
I'm in the same boat as you, but this kind of stuff does happen in console games, albeit much more rarely. The downside is that it takes longer to get it fixed on consoles than it does on PC. If this stuff happened on the console version, I guarantee you there wouldn't be a fix on day 1.
Captain Qwark 9  +   1054d ago
very true, but again its far more rare. i havent had any game breaker bugs in a looooong while, even in bethesdas games lol ( had plenty of bugs in them though, just none that kept me from playing )

upside though, once the issues are fixed the pc gamers will likely enjoy a better game but im still pretty happy with what my 360 & ps3 have provided me for years
PockyKing  +   1054d ago
Love my gaming PC, but you certainly run into a lot more problems with performance issues for games.
AntBoogy90  +   1054d ago
That's because every PC is different, and every console is the same.
Somebody  +   1054d ago
I usually but games a month or more after their launch dates. There are still games that I was still playing. Adding newer games means creating a huge backlog. Another reason is the price drop.

A positive side effect of buying games at a later date is that the initial game breaking glitches will be patched. So I seldom encounter problems like these. A negative side effect is that I will be so far behind in multiplayer but acceptable since I don't play mp very much (to avoid backlogs again).
TigusVidiks  +   1051d ago
Actually, XCom in particular, is ALSO crashing on consoles. In fact specially on xbox it seems to lock down and go out and trow the users into the dashboard.

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