25 Video Games That Are Terrible, Offensive And Shouldn’t Exist

Sometimes people make really bad games and sometimes one that simple shouldn’t have been made. These range from taboo ones, to ones with horrible game design and with absolutely no thought put into it. The bad games are fine to an extent because there are a lot of factors for that ranging from, budget to developer skill.

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claud31724d ago

Now that was awful and a list if some weird games

Cajun Chicken1724d ago

I've played Chiller in MAME. It's like pre-Saw. Not very good either.

Alos881724d ago

You clearly never played Rule of Rose. That Italian article was about as accurate as the Fox News Mass Effect scandal.

jambola1724d ago

either he's actually serious
or he's trying to promote these games
i know i'm going to play as many as i can

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The story is too old to be commented.