Killzone 2 Audio writes,

The audio of Killzone and Killzone Liberation are amongst some of the best videogame compositions. From the chilling Visari intro of Killzone to the background music of Killzone Liberation, the feeling of a large scaled war are most definitely translated through the music.

Take a listen to some of the audio from the first two Killzone titles and it'll probably give us a good idea of what to expect in Killzone 2.

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rushbd3537d ago

Killzone 2 rocks. wow my wallet thinks opposite.

Bits-N-Kibbles3537d ago

Killzone's music is some of the best game music out there IMO.
One of my favorite things about KZ1 was the sound and music.

Rock Bottom3537d ago

From what I remember killzone sound sucked. the voices were rubbish and the helghast death screams were stupid. can't complain about the music though.

Kleptic3536d ago

agreed...the score was some of the best ever...but the Helghast voice overs were absolute crap, as well as other NPCs I thought...

The thing with Killzone was frustrating...the Helghast themselves are arguably the best looking enemy in a game to date...intimidating, dark, and awesome all at the same time...yet Killzone 1 gave them these retarded voice overs that nearly entirely took that you said, the death screams were about as lame as the framerate of that game...

but its not like that wasn't anything common back then...Halo still has hands down the dumbest enemy voice work stuff of a shooter to date imo...those goofy bastards giggling and yelling 'woooooaaaaahhhh' as they run around...the NPCs were ok, albeit still quite corny...but it didn't really ruin anything...because Halo is much more upbeat shooter in the first place...Killzone set an extremely dark mood...corny stuff doesn't fit nearly as well in such an environment imo...

Killzone 2 appears to be getting it right though...the grainy propaganda speakers sound good so far...we haven't heard the helghast yelling yet, but hopefully they have recieved enough feedback to perfect that area...they still look awesome...just make them sound awesome too...

TheHater3537d ago

I think that they music will play a big part in the make up of this game. Some times, good music, make up for bad cut scenes or bad dialog.
Oh and the "Helghast March" one was the best. :)

Clinton5143537d ago

I cranked my home theater system listening to the E3 trailer and the thunder in the sky is insane!

TheHater3537d ago

yeah I know, the sound effect in the trailer was amazing. I hope the entire game is like that, because that is going to be epic.

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The story is too old to be commented.