Is Virtual Destruction an Art Form?

Clive Thompson of posed an interesting question after playing Burnout Paradise.

Is Virtual Destruction an Art Form?

He put it this way,
"Let me tell you: It was beautiful. Heart-stoppingly beautiful." Clive even goes further in the article to call it "physics porn".

This of course exceeds just burnout paradise, but many games currently available, and ones being developed right now, as written in his article.

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kingme713570d ago

"Still, it's true that Burnout Paradise would be pretty unsettling if the collisions produced mangled, screaming human bodies"

Nah, has anyone tried the game Pain on the PS3? It's great fun to smack someone up against a building and watch their screaming, mangled body go flying all around.

Add some person jettisoning from the windshield to Burnout Paradise and go flying right into oncoming traffic... you know you want to see it.

Ju3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

I don't, to be honest. Not in Burnout. I can see why that's fun in pain, but that is a different art style, non realistic but cartoony style. While the same thing in Burnout might end up very realistic. If that would have been the case, I wouldn't have bought it. Enough violence out there (in game form), no need to bring this into a racing game. (and I love Resistance, UT3 - and recently the Club, but just not in a racing game).

I like the car crashes, though. Well, obviously. That's fundamental to Burnout.

Leathersoup3570d ago

Well if you consider Japanese movies like Akira or Metropolis an art form then yes virtual destruction is considered art.