Should the Wii U be Classified as Next Gen?

Pop Conflux's Joseph Rush writes, "I believe the term “next gen” refers to more of an idea than a set period of time that a group of consoles launch. Instead, it should be a moniker for the frontier—the new standard. It’s a phrase that represents the shiny future of photorealistic graphics, lossless sound, and seamless online connectivity.

So, does the Wii U, by virtue of being the first new console to launch in six years, deserve the label of “next gen?”"

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Hide_and_Geek2256d ago

I see what you're saying, but no, it's next gen. We're currently in the 7th generation of consoles. Wii U is in the 8th. It's as simple as that.

It could have an 8-bit processor and 56k colours and it'd still be next gen.

area51gamer2256d ago

See, it would be weird for a lo-fi console to be considered "Next Gen". It always just seems like a space-age term to me.

Hide_and_Geek2256d ago

It's just had some bullshit connotations attached to it by a certain subset of the gaming community. Without wanting to go into too much detail, you know the kind of people I'm on about.

People are too ambiguous when it comes to talking about games; if you mean the PS4 will have a higher clock speed and more modern CPU/GPU architecture than the Wii U, then say so. Don't just say "lol wii u not next gen".

Disclaimer: I'm using 'you' as a generic term. I didn't mean you personally.

Baka-akaB2256d ago

the ps2 was weaker than the dreamcast , yet wasnt any less next gen , back then

Ulf2256d ago

The PS2 was NOT weaker than the DC. Come on, supporting your argument with ignorance gets you nowhere.

linkratos2256d ago

Haha wow can't believe you guys, the PS2 was definitely stronger than the Dreamcast. Don't lie to yourselves.

It was weaker than the Gamecube and much weaker than the Xbox though.

ElectricKaibutsu2256d ago

Whoa whoa whoa, DC was more powerful than the PS2? I never heard that before but I decided to do some research. I couldn't find any hard facts, just people comparing God of War to Shenmue, which of course isn't fair since GOW was made 5 years after Shenmue. The only thing I could find that sounded legitimate comes from a forum post made by a well respected guy that codes for emulators. According to him the DC was indeed more powerful and posted some screenshots to illustrate his point. Of course, none of this really matters. Everyone knows the PS2 was weaker than the Xbox and GameCube. So it was the fourth weakest and not the third of the generation. In the console war, it still absolutely won.

Here's that forum post:

darthv722255d ago

and most importantly the misuse of the term stems from many years of people associating it incorrectly.

Console generations are not defined by their year of release. Like what the article states. They are actually defined by their relation to the previous platform from the same company.

Now that does not mean the original Wii was next gen like the 360 or ps3. In actuality the wii was a generational evolution as opposed to a next gen revolution. Meaning that it was a minor increase in performance but that was NOT the focus of the platform.

Generally the focus of a next gen platform is the technical abilities as compared to the previous units. Ex: NES and SNES or master system and genesis. in both examples, the former was clearly inferior to the later. Same can be said about the PS1 and PS2 and even the xbox and 360.

There is no one really disputing that part. The wii (as it had been classified) was centered around the control mechanics instead of technical abilities. That is why the Wii does not fit into the classification of (then) next gen. It was (then) current gen in relation to the gamecube.

Wii-u represents a significant increase in technical abilities as compared to the previous wii/cube. By virtue of definition it is a next gen system. It has nothing to do with the amount of time that passes between but more specifically how it stacks up to its former self.

It should be noted, we have come to a point where the increase in technical abilities and the end results onscreen are at a slowing pace. No that does not mean the games wont get better but it does mean that the assets to improve these games will not be as demanding or require such radical changes in the hardware to achieve the same result.

For years we have relied on the hardware to display these feats of wonderment. This "next gen" will actually come down more to the creative direction and artistic style of the developers instead of the balls to the wall power we have become accustomed to.

when we have seen so much cg and explosions and lots of special effects it gets a bit overdone. to the point where to 'wow the crowd' means having to go back to the drawing board for something as simple as artistic style and most importantly, story.

Hardware will improve but i feel the biggest improvement needs to be creative imagination.

WiiUalpha2255d ago

Darth72, All that BS is completely blown away when you look at the fact that the Wii IS more powerful than the GC. All that BS talk of how it relates to previous consoles is meaningless.

The Wii was Nintendo's 7th generation console so at the time it was next gen. Just because they didnt focus on strictly power doesnt mean we didnt get advancements over last gen.

Improving graphics makes something next gen but improving other aspects of gaming like control method is meaningless? Sounds like a load of FB BS to me.

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Just_The_Truth2256d ago

WiiU is next gen for Nintendo but current gen for consoles. If you think about it there's no arguing that it has a better gpu and more ram doesn't have Bly-ray or a 50+ disc that alone sets it back. It also doesn't have multi-touch on the controller. It isn't more than 1080p which next-gen will mostly be. I could go on but point is that other than having a tad bit more power and a new controller isn't any better or different than current gen and I doubt will even come close to next gen. On another note I was looking at the trailer and uses of the wiiu controller and it honestly doesn't look like it'll be more than a pause menu in your hand and a scanner(zombieU/batman). I feel like it'll be like kinect where your imagination with what can be done runs wild but in the end you realize it's greatly limited. Just my opinion though.

Crillvirus812256d ago

Dude what the hell are your talking about just look at zombie u so many things there doing that can't be done on other consoles from useing the screen as a lens of your sniper too useing the controller to scan rooms to useing it to act like your looking through a window the fact alone the you can turn your tv to another channell while still paying your call of duty or any other game yea that's not next gen lol you haters are so funny I can't believe my favorite hobby gaming has turned to this a bunch of fanboys to blind that they can't see true innovation SMH I know the next Xbox/playstation will most likely beat out Nintendo in the power department but Nintendo will most likely beat them again with there gameplay innovations but it's still to early to tell let's wait to e3 to see what the other 2 have in store for us

Just_The_Truth2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

@crillvirus81 honestly the only one that seems to be a fanboy is you. I am not bias towards any system after all its video games we're talking about. I get what your saying about the sniping thing that's actually the only thing that I like from the wiiu at e3 but is that feature anything different from but pressing a button and looking at your tv. Are you going to be able to use that in an online match? I wouldn't. consider the fact that unless you don't have your own room why would you need to play on the small screen. Also do you really want to play call of duty with that huge controller mostly no. Most people will play with the pro controller. All in all I was stating that more memory and a different controller doesn't mean it's a tech generation ahead of the Xbox/ps3 because they have things that the wiiu won't, ps store/Xbox live are good examples. N is generation behind in there Internet software and disc format etc.

metroid322256d ago

Get a life the wiiu is 19 times more powerful as stated by a rep ?? i don't believe that myself but in order to have Trine2 DC i say this title because it has used some of the power the wiiu has to create visuals that are not possible on ps3 their words and it runs in 1080p native at 60fps with 2 additional 480p images at 60fps with next gen HD graphics being diplayed across all 3 takes at least 10x the power of ps3 that's my take on it.

stragomccloud2256d ago

So 1080p isn't next gen? Tell me lad, how many Xbox 360/PS3 games run 1080p natively? Next.... tell me how many TVs support greater than 1080p?

Further more, both the gamecube and the Xbox were several times more powerful than the PS2. Was the PS2 not a current gen system of its' time?

ChickeyCantor2255d ago

". It isn't more than 1080p which next-gen will mostly be"

With what TV market? lol

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camel_toad2256d ago

I would have to just classify as "alternative gen".

dark-hollow2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

My next child was born only 2 months after my current child so I don't think he passes as REAL® "next" child.

dogoodmatters2255d ago

Other gen maybe? If the next child had another mother, which 2 months later I would imagine that was the case. >_>

dogoodmatters2255d ago

Talk about blowing the waters out. Release and "HD" 2D only system. 12-bit, for $50-ish bucks.
It has the power for HD style 2D graphics, like NSMBW and perhaps U, but has very limited space for the games.

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claud32256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Its middle gen. Because its neither current gen or next gen

PopRocks3592256d ago

No... it comes a generation after Wii, which is this generation. That means the Wii U is next generation.

Baka-akaB2256d ago

The wii was next gen , however weak the hardware was . So the wii U is next gen , get over it .

Bereaver2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

So.... if I release 10 systems that barely surpass each other in the matter of a year then I would be in the 10th gen right? I better get started so I can be the first person to make a 10th gen system.

By your logic.

PS: I'm not saying the WiiU isn't next gen. Just pointing out the current logic being thrown around.

Stroke6662256d ago

@bereaver, you're taking what's being said too loosly. Wii u is nintendos next console after a 6/7 year genration of consoles, thus making it next-gen. At least that's what I mean when I say its ninttendos next console. Of course a generation must pass for the next to begin, so releasing a system back to back over a short period of time wouldn't make each successive console next gen. Power does not matter. Time span however is undeniable

Baka-akaB2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Whatever help them guys sleeps at night .
No one ever made up some silly rule about a next gen of console needed to be a precise amount of powerful to be qualified as next gen .

And even by those silly imaginary rules , the Wii , however weak it was , was still more powerful than the ps2 , original xbox , and gc , hence part of the same set of next gen machines as the 360 and ps3 .

The Wii U is even more so legitimate by such "ruleset" as stomping both ps3 and 360 powerwise so far .

taquito2256d ago

if it does 1080p and has no jaggies with current level game texture and animations it will CRAP on ps3/360

they are covered in jaggies and nearly always 720p, 640p, 600p, 576p and look like they are being viewed through vaseline

Wigriff2256d ago

Is "jaggies" a technical term? ;) heh.

linkratos2256d ago

He must be playing lots of Monster Hunter Tri.

linkratos2255d ago

Confused by all the disagrees. Jaggies are the velociraptors in MH3.

Wigriff2255d ago

*shrug* Who knows, man. The Agree/Disagree system on N4G is just as stupid as a good portion of the websites population.

Qrphe2256d ago

PS3 released with Wipeout HD at 1080p and 60fps.
Most Wii U games aren't probably even going to be 1080p (specially not Nintendo's).

But yes, Wii U is totally 8th gen.

WiiUalpha2255d ago

My PC was doing that in the early part of 2000. Guess PS3 isnt even 7th gen now is it? You kids never have enough common sense to actually think about what you say and how it applies to other platforms out there.

We are talking about full games in 1080p. Not limited download only titles for 10.00.

ninjabake2256d ago

Oh boy another one of these articles.
I thought this was nipped in the bud months ago. People just need to accept it. If your looking for reasons not to get it than your not even paying any attention to the systems benefits.

Agheil2256d ago

LOL People it is NEXT GEN because it's the console after the Wii. It might not have the power the PS4 and the Next Xbox will have but it's still "The Next Generation of a NIntendo console".

SandwichHammock2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

I think the issue is that people misunderstand/misuse the term and its application.

So I guess what we would need is the true definition of the term as it pertains to this subject of video game consoles. Here in lies the problem, I don't think there is a true definition of the term. Its a very loosely used term with its definition based on the user.

So to your comment, you are %100 correct saying its a Next Generation Nintendo Console. Because thats only encompasses Nintendo and its other offerings.

As to where the console stands in regards to the rest of the industry and the offerings of the other players, that is what is being contested.

I am of the opinion that it is not next gen when it comes to industry "standard" of graphic fidelity/animation/ai. It is of this standard, therefore of this generation.At least from all that I have seen.

As for it being a next gen Nintendo system, then definitely :)


Agheil2256d ago

I agree with all that you have said. (Why can't more N4G conversations be like this haha)

Bereaver2256d ago

Yeah, you pretty much summed it up. When someone spits out the words "next gen", they should understand that they are generalizing and that puts it in the same boat as "standards".

Next gen for Nintendo? Yep.
Next gen for standards? Maybe not, we'll just have to wait and see.

ElectricKaibutsu2255d ago

That was excellently worded. But, I disagree with you that the Wii U is not next gen, simply based on the added ram and modern CPU/GPU.

I think this is the first time I clicked disagree AND bubble up. But there you are then, bubbles to you.

stragomccloud2255d ago

I'm going to keep bringing this up. PS2 was very weak compared to the XBOX/Gamecube, but was still considered a current gen system at the time. Back then, nobody contested what was one generation and what wasn't based on hardware.

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