NBA 2K13′s VC A Dangerous Precedent for Gaming

VGR: NBA 2K13 released a few days ago to great fanfare, and while the on-court experience was top notch, there were some aspects off the court that troubled me and ultimately dampened what would have been a much more glowing review.
Although the lack of improvements to the Association mode were disappointing, by far the most egregious addition to the game was the game’s virtual currency, or VC.

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HeavenlySnipes1892d ago

Its complete nonsense. A tshirt for your MyPlayer costs $5000 VC and you make around $250 a game. You'd have to play 20 games just to buy just that, let alone trying to improve your guy's ratings.

Myteam is also f'd because of it. People just buy VC on PSN/XBL and then purchase all the top stars and completely dominant. Meanwhile people that try to earn VC from just playing the game alot will get pennies after hours of playtime.

NBT911892d ago

Yeah I noticed that. I didnt think it was too much of a problem at first until I noticed that things are expensive relative to how much you earn on the game...

NYC_Gamer1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

The game is set up so that people will spend real money on VC..I dislike how 2K is making use of the whole VC system.

Gambit_the_White1892d ago

You do know that you earn VC in every single game mode, right? For one black top game you get 150 VC. Just pick Jason Richardson and shoot 3s until you get to 21. His shot is automatic.

C_Dub1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

I have also been suckered in on this. The pricing for in game apparel is grossly over the top - 5000VC for a stat boosting arm sleeve, 800 VC for knee pads. And yet it takes AGES to earn that kind of money when you can whip out a 5 dollar bill and get 20,000VC and save you a lot of time. I am guilty of giving in because I want to have fun with my MP but I want him to be good now, not in 6 months.

This is crazy though. But it will prove to be a VERY profitable system and I can see a lot games heading in this direction. DLC was only the beginning........

Simon_Brezhnev1892d ago

Yeah thats why if console gaming keeps heading this direction i'm going to stay strictly PC gaming.


2k12 is what I'll be playing until 2k14