Top 5 Scariest Games To Play Around Halloween

The month of October is probably the greatest time of the year. Why? Because this is when the air gets a little cooler, pumpkin beer is put on shelves, and there is a huge increase in talking about horror films. I love horror films and subsequently, I love horror related games. Movies are a different kind of horror compared to video games, though, it’s passive and the viewer is forced to see the events unfold as the director wanted. With a video game, the player takes part in the horror; they have to decide what to do and figure out how to react to scary situations. It’s not only visceral, it’s interactive and therefore, it can affect you on greater scale.

I’m here today to talk about five games that you should play around this time of year because not only will they scare the shit out of you, but they are also solid titles to play. Like those old horror films you are pulling out of the closet, maybe it is time to revisit these titles and remember what it’s like to squirm.

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MattTheGameFreak2056d ago

The selection is fine, but it would have been awesome to see Slender or Amnesia: The Dark Descent on there though.

General Shrooms2056d ago

>The selection is fine

Since when was Bioshock and Dead Space scary? Even Resident Evil 4 is pushing it.

bloodybutcher2056d ago

actually, i think DS had great use of sound, it made this game really scary:)

destroysuperman2056d ago

Since it is about personal taste, that's when.

Tokyo_reject2055d ago

I dont think they're scary ether....but then again, i started playing Resident Evil 1 and 2, and Nightmare Creatures when i was about, so its really hard for a game to frighten me!!!! buuuuuuut i found out when i showed my girlfriend Bioshock...that she didnt wanna play it at night time in the dark because she thought it was scary...then i asked friends on myspace (or facebook....cant remember that far back) who thought it was a scary game....A LOT did lol!!!

Dead Space on the other hand ;) stop acting tough know that game got your blood pumping!!!!! lol

eferreira2056d ago

Dont forget any of the splatter house games.

Steven212056d ago

No siren: bloodcurse??? That's a great game and possibly one of the best horror games I've played

srcBFMVBMTH2056d ago

Agreed, Siren: Bloodcurse was an EXCELLENT horror game! Really hoping Team Siren from Japan Studios make a follow up to that game with a good budget. It could just be what the survival horror genre needs.

Steven212056d ago

I could go for better controls with a new one though. That was the one thing I hated about playing it. The controls were brutal

eferreira2055d ago

How are you enjoying that amazing browns season lol. You guys need a new qb.

Steven212055d ago

No way! Weedon is a beast! He's thrown for 300 yards 3 times this year already. They need joe Haden back badly though. Hopefully they don't go 0-16

DonMingos2056d ago

I love Eternal Darkness SR. If Nintendo brings a sequel, that would be a strong argument to make me buy a wii u

Greyslash2056d ago

No Fatal Frame? What is this.

destroysuperman2055d ago

I never liked the mechanics of FATAL FRAME. Not a bad game, just not fun for me to play.

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