Ted Price Discusses The Evolution Of Fuse And Fan Feedback

GI:You might remember seeing a trailer for a game called Overstrike at EA's press conference over a year ago, but the team at Insomniac Games remained quiet about the mysterious title until last month. The game has been renamed Fuse and leaves the campy 70s vibe on display in the original trailer behind for a more "realistic" and darker tone.

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brew2023d ago

I don't see any reason they couldn't have made it campy , stylized , and violent all in one package though.

NYC_Gamer2023d ago

EA thought it was too childish

Ashriel2023d ago

Gotta cater to those 12 year old focus groups

Megaton2023d ago

Game looked quirky and cool. EA intervened. Game looks like everything else.

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Transporter472023d ago

I wanted to play this when it was Overstrike now... not so much.. and i love Insomiac games they should of kept the original but just made it Violent like Team Fortress it would of been awesome

majiebeast2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Im sorry Ted i like how you say you listen to fan feedback and stuff, but you bowed down to EA and its focus group filled with cod kiddies. Now its just another generic looking shooter instead of something in the same sort of style as TF2 with R&C type humor. I doubt ill pick it up in march.

Insomniac just gave up their creative freedom, the funny thing they wanted to stay independent but at Sony they had more creative freedom then now working at EA.

fei-hung2023d ago

They said going multiplat would be good for business. They said you will sell to more people. Freedom they said....

Frankfurt2023d ago

Their games sold like shit on PS3 (just like Killzone, Infamous and pretty much every other Sony franchise - hell, the best-selling God of War sold less TOTAL than what Gears of War sells in a MONTH, and the Uncharted 3 totals are less than what Halo sells in a week), so the only way they'll sell less is if they aren't released at all.

wastedcells2023d ago

This game is missing something that's for sure.

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The story is too old to be commented.