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Since it first turned heads at E3, the gaming media has been in a passionate love affair with Bethesda and developer Arkane Studios’ new IP Dishonored, so it’s a shame that the game will likely end up with the tag “sleeper hit” rather than blockbuster. Without a lucrative number after the title to denote a sequel, or a billion dollar franchise name in front of it, Dishonored may be passed over by people that have already allotted their gaming money on one or more of the massive franchise titles due out later this year, not to mention a whole new console from Nintendo.

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SolidDuck2052d ago

I could be wrong this game might be awesome, but I have a feeling this is a game the critics love more than the gamers will.

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MadMax2052d ago

Geez, havent seen one bad review yet. All 9s and 10s! I just learned about this game a week or so ago and was already going to pick it up when it came out. Looks like it could be the sleeper hit of the year!

HammadTheBeast2052d ago

Sadly, Sleeping Dogs was also great, but didn't sell well.

Dovahkiin2052d ago

It really was great, one of my favourite sandbox games this gen, if not ever.

MadMax2052d ago

Yea, i bought sleeping dogs on release and thought that was a great game too. I really like when these type of games come out. They get no hype or advertising and end up being bigger hits then all the big name titles.

Will be picking this one up at Frys Electronics tomorrow. On sale on the website and in store for $50. Alot of new titles are always $10 off there on release!

cpayne932052d ago

Really took me by surprise to be honest.

SolidGear32052d ago

Been waiting for this since it was first announced in 2010

SolidDuck2052d ago

Well I guess I'm prob wrong I just looked into this game more and it does look badass. I was going to buy xcom, now I'm torn.

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