New Stunning Community Screenshots For Project CARS

DSOGaming writes: "Slightly Mad Studios has released a new set of community screenshots for Project CARS. This gallery shows the full range of vehicles already available in the development builds of Project CARS, from nimble karts to historical Formula cars, stunning sports cars and high-tech prototypes. As always, the following shots showcase what the actual game looks like and are not ‘photoshopped’ in any way. Enjoy!"

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Cam9771869d ago

Is this coming to ps3?

NYC_Gamer1869d ago

Yes,the game is multiplat

Cam9771869d ago

Thanks, do you know when?

pr0digyZA1869d ago

I don't believe they are even sure when it will be coming for consoles.

Skate-AK1869d ago

No release date yet. It's still in beta. It's supposed to be for PS3, PC, 360, and WiiU.

Belking1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Those screen shots look awesome. This game will be a beast on 360.

MidnytRain1868d ago

Shit looks like a photograph.