Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Graphics Are Much Better Now

Gameplox: Back in August, Sony showed off the first footage from the PS Vita exclusive, Call of Duty: Black Ops – Declassified, and fans were disappointed for many reasons, namely the poor graphics. The PS Vita is capable of great visual quality that is exemplified by the gorgeous OLED screen, so the poor visuals surprised many. The good news is that the team at Nihilistic Software has greatly improved the visuals of the game since we last saw it.

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Cam9772024d ago

True! Q&A on their twitter.

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miyamoto2024d ago

People needs to understand developers are pressured to crunch quality gameplay graphics in order to make it to conventions. Sometimes they dont make it sometimes they dont.

GuyThatPlaysGames2024d ago

This is the only hope to improve Vita sales...

Cam9772024d ago

Ok, this looks great however; it was confirmed that they will add zombies upon SONY's approval.

cpayne932024d ago

Need that to make this game a possible buy.

Skate-AK2024d ago

The game comes out in a month. They don't have the time to make zombies and not make it look tacked on. I would rather them make a zombies only version.

JetsFool35002024d ago

iSay They Scrap Tha Whole Game And Just Make A Quality COD Zombies Game

cpayne932024d ago

They should just make that hostiles mode co op instead of sp, that shouldn't be too hard.

TheDivine2024d ago

Shouldve just ported all Blops/WAW zombie maps and sold it as a full game. The sell Blops 2 zombie campaign as dlc for it (or include it).

I really thought they would just port the iphone zombie maps and call it a day. Lazy devs are lazy. Cheap cash in is a cheap cash in. 50 bucks for a shittier version of a game i have already with less maps and no zombies? YEA RIGHT! Il get it for 9.99 in two months.

--Onilink--2023d ago

i wouldnt go so far to say it looks great.... honestly it still looks like crap compared to most Vita games and even a couple of 3DS games. This is NOT how a Vita game is supposed to look like

I think its safe to say that this is just a rushed job, so i think we will be better off just waiting for the next release. It certainly doesnt help us customers, to buy shitty products just because, and then go around complaining about shitty practices by publishers, when we are the ones buying anything they release.

It might sound bad (also btw, i dont hate COD games) but this is a COD game that i want it to fail miserably, so they know next time they need to put out a quality product if they want big sales

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mrbojingles2024d ago

Those new images, if they are from the improved build, don't look much better.

Rockefellow2024d ago

I don't know. They might not look GOOD, but there's a definite difference between the top two set in the same environment.

mrbojingles2024d ago

Yea, it isn't the difference I wanted but you're right there is a decent difference. Hopefully this game surprises everyone and proves everyone wrong.

I won't bet on it doing that but I'm open to being proven wrong for the sake of another great Vita game.

guitarded772024d ago

Clearly a difference, but I have a feeling this game was rushed. I'd like to see a real cohesive campaign and at least 6v6 multiplayer at a $50 price tag. I think I'm gonna hold off on Declassifies until I see a finished product.

ritsuka6662024d ago

Looks the same for me...

Carni2024d ago

WOW i told you this game would be different! i think i will buy this fps!

brettyd2024d ago

Looks a lot better but still not 60fps which makes COD feel like COD.