Nintendo Will Never Lose A Handheld Race

For all the problems the 3DS had at the beginning of its life, Nintendo sure has recovered nicely. Many gaming analysts pronounced the 3DS dead and Nintendo to follow shortly after. Journalists across the world wrote doom article after doom article claiming the 3DS dead months after release. Nintendo on the other hand, had other plans. A $80 price cut, 20 free games for early adaptors, a few stellar Mario games, and some blockbuster 3rd party games later Nintendo is once again killing it in sales.

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dedicatedtogamers2080d ago

Yes, they might.

The reason why is that Nintendo (and Sony's Vita) are trying too hard to be multitasking machines. When stacked up against smartphones, the 3DS and Vita are going to be less attractive to a lot of people.

On the other hand, if a game dev would simply make a dedicated gaming handheld, it would differentiate itself from the smartphone craze. That's how the DS sold so well in the face of the iPhone.

Theyellowflash302080d ago

If you read the article the author clearly states hes not counting cell phones of any type. Just dedicated gaming portables

dedicatedtogamers2080d ago

Smartphones are an unforgettable part of the equation, however, especially when 7-year-olds (instead of clutching Game Boys and DSs) are playing on Mommy's Android or iPhone.

iamnsuperman2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

But you can't neglect such an important and influential bit of kit just because it is not a dedicated handheld. As the lines blur between mobiles and dedicated machines neglecting an important part is just stupid. The author may not think mobile gaming with "eradicate dedicated handheld gaming" but they definitely have had an impact on sales

Tres212080d ago

yea u prob didnt get into the casual & hardcore discussion but cellphones r 2 casual 2 be considered 4 tru gaming so sorry they dont

Blankman852080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

Read the article? But that would require reading the article!! No I refuse! I'm going to make my comment based on just the headline!!
Here's something funny, before the Vita released, smart phones were being tossed out the window as any form of competition here on N4G, and now that we are talking about how Nintendo will always be King, the SONY fans are running to those very same smart phones and claiming you can't discount them.
My mind is pretty blown right now at the hypocrisy of this site.

jsslifelike2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )


You said it right there- MOMMY'S Android or iPhone. No one in their right mind would buy a kid a state-of-the-art mobile device, especially one that's outdated in a year. I'm not saying that those folks don't exist, but a Vita or 3DS guarantees 4-5 years of of not having to cling to the blind Apple sheep 10-month upgrade cycle.

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profgerbik2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

Reverting back to old technology is definitely not going to change the industry.

You are right though, all people care about now are smart phones but that is exactly why gaming devices have become more multimedia driven also.

Simply in order to compete. If your handhelds did nothing but play games people wouldn't care oddly enough. They would end up being on their phone more but having a device that can do mostly what a phone can other than make direct voice calls.. Gives them at least a chance to want to be on the device more.

I do agree don't get me wrong most kids will probably be crying for an iphone 5 this Christmas year so.. I doubt anyone will want Consoles or even Handhelds too much.

Smart phones are for sure changing things as dumb as it may seem, people are just obsessed with them. They have become more of a fasion statement and a device that says hey!

"I barely know crap about anything technological, look at my cool phone that thinks for me!"

SandWitch2080d ago

PlayStation will never lose a consoles race, they said 10 years ago.

mcstorm2080d ago

I agree but the console market is different to the handheld market and there is one line in this Article that sums up Nintendo's hand held console. "Nintendo tends to create games that fit the pick-up and play nature that gamers demand."

I own a PSV and 3DS and they are both amazing hand held consoles in there own way but the PSV is lacking pickup and play games. If I look at my collection of games for the PSV I have MGS3, UCGA, Resistance and LBP Vita and none of them are really pickup and play. LBP could come under that but that's it.

The other thing Nintendo have over anyone else is games for everyone in terms of big names. Sony are still new to this market and LBP is the start of this but games Like Metroid, Mario, FZero, StartFox, Mario Football, Mario Tennis, Mario Kart, Mario Party, Nintendogs and the list carry's on. Both sony and Microsoft have a lot of work do to in the all round gaming market and they have both started this but if any of them want to take the console and handheld market off Nintendo they need to compete this market.

iamnsuperman2080d ago

To be quite frank Sony need to start releasing games like Ninendogs if they want to ship more units and to a different crowd. It is the secound best selling series on the DS (with around 23 million sold). Clearly a big target audience for the DS was people playing these types of games (brain training is up there aswell) and Sony seem to be negleting this large audience.

mcstorm2080d ago

I agree. the DS/3DS is played by a lot of kids in car trips ect and this is part of the reason why it sells so well.

GreenRanger2080d ago

This article has probably just jinxed Nintendo.

nevin12080d ago

You again

Your just mad there isnt a green ranger dedicated handheld system.

GreenRanger2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

One of these days there will be, and it'll be awesome.
It will be so much better than a Red Ranger dedicated handheld, if they made one.
And if they do make a Red Ranger handheld, i'll do this to it:
Skip to 00:40 for awesomeness.

profgerbik2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

Green PSVita already exists? Not sure if that is what you guys are talking about.

Am not sure if they will ever release in the U.S. as well but in Japan they showed off these colored Vita's that look like the old colored Mac computers. They are so sweet.

They also have Red, Pink, Orange, Purple and Blue.. There are more colors but thats all I can remember.

Maybe one day they will be available.

Sanquine902080d ago

LOL the 3DS XL has improved hardware compared with the 3ds???

Quote"Nintendo is on a roll with the 3DS. They have fantastic software, improved hardware with the 3DS XL, and an upgraded Eshop experience"

WiiLovePS3602080d ago

Bigger screens would count as an improvement to a lot of people.

SandWitch2080d ago

Screen also has some improvements like better visibility in light.

dark-hollow2080d ago

Build quality and displays falls into the "hardware" term.

Kos-Mos2080d ago

You`re not laughing anymore now, are you?

Sanquine902079d ago

Still laughing sir. I think this are no hardware improvements:D

profgerbik2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

Technically they are, now are they huge ones that are even worth mentioning really?

No. It is like the people who bought an iphone 5 blindly..

OMG it has .5 inch more screen and practically is the exact same phone as the last!!! Thank you Jesus! Take my money!

I was never down with the DS fiasco, people can talk about sales charts all they want the thing has been remade 5x and still doesn't have a second analog stick.

PSP no second stick, Vita second stick... At least Sony doesn't make the same mistakes hardware wise twice.. or more than twice in Nintendo's case.

metroid322079d ago

Yes and they have a 3DS HD next as Myamoto hinted at this 4 months ago,it might be called the 3DS Pro or 3DS/HD ect and it is said to have Smartphone level ios and wiiu features that are not possible on 3DS we know MiiVerse is coming to 3DS but i'll wait for the next iteration as it will be so good you will never need another Handheld in your lifetime.

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DivineAssault 2080d ago

nintendo has children, women, casuals, & even adults that get their handhelds.. I loved every one of my nintendo handhelds from gameboy-3ds xl..

zelda, metroid, & castlevania was the main reason i owned gba-ds.. this new one coming out has me skeptical, but it might be good.. I just hope they dont remove the damn blood cuz thats always been a part of the game.. I really wish it was fully 2d & in beautiful sprites but mistwalker wants their reboot to taint the handhelds as well..

golden sun was a fantastic rpg series, sonic advance series was good too.. 3ds doesnt have much 3rd party yet but some will come to the west hopefully..

I still think vita is a much better handheld personally.. as far as value & well everything about it is better to me but nintendo does have those games that somehow feel great when u complete them.. They have heart n soul.. i will always support nintendos handhelds.. Home consoles on the other hand have burned me for the past 2 generations.. I will play it safe & wait til the time is right for a wii u

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