How to avoid screwing up next-gen consoles

The Wii U launches next month, kicking off the next generation of consoles. Gamasutra's expert staff runs down what console makers should do -- and shouldn't do -- to keep their hardware relevant in a time of change.

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Dms20122201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Yes, tell these multi billion dollar companies how not to screw up, mister online journalists...

SlavisH22201d ago

Nintendo won last gen in sales but going first means Sony can take any good ideas and make a even better ps4 in 2013/14

DivineAssault 2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

the sales doesnt necessarily mean any of them won.. All the sales of the wii & look at what came out of it.. 1st party games where 90% of the good games & 3rd party devs did support it but with mostly shovel ware & casual games.. I personally think that whatever console that receives the most AAA support from 1st-3rd party is king.. MS gave sony a run for their money this time i must say.. I am very impressed with the success they had this time around but sony still has unparalleled support, features, & exclusives..

On topic, they need to focus on software for everyone this time around.. Not strictly casual w kinect or move or whatever they decide to do.. They need an ecosystem of media features, STRONG networking capabilities, & smooth running software.. Its forgivable for the technical problems this gen as it was revolutionary in media, HD, & control.. Now they need to perfect the arts & add to it..

colonel1792201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Microsoft needs to improve their first party offering so much. They can't rely on third parties anymore.

Sony has a good balance, but needs to work very much on marketing and third party relations so that they are not in a position again where they get bad third party ports. Also improve PSN and they need to bring more colors to US and Europe (and Japanese games) people like choice!

Nintendo needs to work a lot with third parties so that they get good games on the Wii U and need to establish a good, solid online network.

I think with that, every fan will be happy with their respective console of choice.

DivineAssault 2201d ago

yes, they all have pros n cons.. Sony is TERRIBLE with their marketing & spend so much money for no reason.. PSN needs some improvements but its solid.. Movies, games, apps, all running nicely.. Now if they incorporate their mobile devices to share content via psn, that will be epic.. Also fix some of the kinks it has while keeping it free w premium as an option.. nx gen will no doubt do these things..

MS needs to STOP the full blown kinect approach.. Its a casual & media machine 1st & core gaming machine 2nd so thats no good for core gamers.. XBL is the best network but a fee just to play & party chat is straight BS.. add in some perks like ps plus & it would be killer... & for heavens sake, make some new IPs! some w/o guns n aliens for crying out loud..

Nintendo is doing their own thing as usual but they REALLY need to show how this new & improved Nintendo Network will be better than in the past.. Keeping information like that will only keep ppl away.. show if it can all players to communticate in online games w cross game chat or whatever & how friend codes are going to be any different.. Give us accomplishments too! all the others have em so why not? its not hard to do...They have strong 1st party games that will no doubt shine when theyre ready but they should get 3rd party AAA devs to make games that take advantage of its hardware & not sloppy ports with gimmicky gamepad features slapped on.. ds/3ds had two screens for a long time & theres barely anything that really used it well.. There were a good chunk but considering how many damn units they sold, there shouldve been many more core titles using those features for some cool ideas....

Im only getting 2 nx gen consoles this time.. I know wii u is one of em & 99.9% sure PS4 will be the other.. Even if MS get more services & software, its eastern support will be limited & i love eastern games.. PS is going to get 100% support like it always has.. Nintendo will have those unique games that somehow make u feel like the devs put their hearts into building them w little to no tech issues.. 1st party wise..

ziggurcat2201d ago

"The Wii U launches next month, kicking off the next generation of consoles."

wii U is virtually current gen, so no... it's not kicking off the next gen.

TheSaint2201d ago

Agreed, they have lauded it as same as the PS3 in terms of power, please, someone explain to me how that's 'next' gen???

ninjabake2201d ago

Its all about timing, not power and graphics. Idk why everyone seems to miss the point that a new gen is dictated by time and release only.

In the history of video games, the eighth generation is a term to describe the next iteration of video game consoles that are expected to follow the current seventh generation: Microsoft's Xbox 360, Sony's PlayStation 3, and Nintendo's Wii. It also describes handheld game units released in the similar timeframe. The Nintendo 3DSwas released on March 27, 2011 and Sony's PlayS tation Vita was released on February 22, 2012 in North America.


Orionsangel2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

The main thing for me is transferring my current accounts over to the new systems. So I don't lose all my gamer score and all purchases etc. Yeah, this isn't being talked about that much, but I'm sure it will as we get closer to the next gen consoles. This is the first gen with mainstream online services. The original Xbox got the ball rolling, but it was in it's infancy. This is the generation where online services have become the standard. A way of life for Gamers.

As Gamers we have everything on our online accounts, stats, achievements, avatar clothes, purchased games and DLC. It's the first gen where we're going to new consoles and all our baggage has to come with us. We're not starting fresh. Hell we better not. I spent a lot of money on XBL and PSN. I ain't losing all that shit.

It'll be interesting to see how the next gen systems tackle this issue. Will we connect a usb cable from the Xbox 720 to the 360 to transfer our XBL account? Will we just sign on to our account on Xbox 720 and then everything we own gets downloaded? How will this effect HDD space? For example if the Xbox 720 comes with a 160gb HDD. Will we have to take into account all our purchases will be adding to the Xbox 720 HDD? So if I get a Xbox 720 with a 160gb and I'm transferring 60 maybe 90gb of purchased XBL content to my new 720. How much space will I be left with? These are good questions will need answers.

tigertron2201d ago

I want large HDDs, backwards compatibility, and I want the companies to spend long and hard developing the hardware. I don't want faulty, noisy hardware etc etc.

I want to be able to redownload purchases I made and I want the Xbox to have a Blu-ray drive, oh and more exclusives. As for the PS4, again they need to take their time making sure the hardware is sound and just continue giving us lots of exclusives and ensuring backwards compatibility.

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