Nonlethal and undetected: 10 essential tips & tricks to mastering Dishonored

This guide provides 10 tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the game, a Power and Enhancement miniguide, and tips on how to plan out getting all of the Achievements in three playthroughs while still having fun. Dishonored will likely take you 10-15 hours on the first go but can then be completed much more quickly on subsequent runs. Reports of four-hour speedruns were not exaggerated.

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LouisGarcia2019d ago

That knife in the neck makes me cringe every time I see it.

Sketchy_Galore2019d ago

I'm really anxious as to whether I want to play nonlethal or lethal (yup, i have no life). I always go through these games nonlethally just because that's more my style and what I'd try to do for real so it helps me get into the experience but after Deus ex HR I felt a little as if I'd cheated myself out of a lot of the game (of course you can go through the game multiple times but its never quite as fresh as the first time) by hiding and using darts rather than exploiting all the cool gadgets and methods available. I'm thinking I might just do a little killing but only to those who truly deserve it or just look at me the wrong way.

DV_Bastian2019d ago

As the guide suggests, I found it best to have fun and go semi-stealth but kill lots of **** the first time, then go back and do full stealth/non-lethal on your second (and much shorter) playthrough.

Fasttrack762019d ago

With all the games coming out (assassins creed 3,black ops 2 etc) i doubt Ill get time to play through this 3 times,so ill stick to the have fun one...