Bad Gamers: Ep 2 – Finding a Gamer Girl

Dan Oravasaari and Sebastian Moss from the Daily Reaction crew are back with Episode 2 of the Bad Gamers Podcast. This time we bring you the ultimate pickup lines to find a gamer girl, a renegade Apple Genius, and Seb tries to pitch his own show after getting his first taste of fame. - PSLS

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Foolsjoker1894d ago

I want the one in the pic. How do I get that?

doctorstrange1894d ago

Haha, I'd prefer that to a Vita any day

decimalator1894d ago

that's an awfully specific figure

BelieveinGhosts1894d ago

If your married, forget about her ;) but if you are single.....then by all means go get her Tiger lol

Foolsjoker1894d ago

Well at least id get something to play with...*Zing!

knowyourstuff1894d ago

Judging by some of these comments on this forum you'd be better on just writing "How to get a girl, period" lmao

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doctorstrange1894d ago

Date someone ugly, but drink a lot

dbjj120881894d ago

Way to lean on TnA to get hits... Jerks! D:<

doctorstrange1894d ago

How does one read a picture?

Kyosuke_Sanada1894d ago

It had words on it so I was conflicted between the two....

Foolsjoker1894d ago

Listen to the podcast while reading the of both worlds.

Foolsjoker1894d ago

I just can't believe the comments on the page itself...seriously. LoL