Watch Dishonored Stealth Playthrough

Watch a stealth run through of Dishonored. Part 1 is embedded, follow the link for more.

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explicitd2019d ago

Wow this game looks incredible!

Army_of_Darkness2019d ago

Just looks like a FPS assassins greed...

beer_baron2019d ago

Looks like Bioshock Infinite

dski10802019d ago

The art style and character design reminded me of Fable 3

kerstetter2019d ago

I don't get why anybody is excited about this. Just another boring stealth game

Locksus2019d ago

"Another boring stealth game"

Can't tell if trolling or not.
Granted, this is N4G, I think I'm right.

cpayne932019d ago

Have you... have you seen any gameplay? The kind of things you can do to the enemy? It looks incredible, this isn't just a stealth game, you have a lot of different powers from what I have seen. It looks incredible, like one of the best games this year. I find it wierd that it hasn't had a whole lot of attention until now.

JForJack2019d ago

Wasn't sure whether I was going to buy this game straight away but it's looking quite likely now...
Keep up the great work Dan.