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Oprainfall Review: The Lost Town -The Jungle

Oprainfall writes: "I dislike bashing small developers, especially when that critique may cost them a chance to make better games in the future. The Lost Town – The Jungle, however, just feels like a lazy cash-in on Circle Studio’s part. This is especially true considering that this is an almost carbon copy paint over of their previous game, The Lost Town – The Dust. As great as its premise may be, the game falls flat in terms of presentation and quality. It may be cheap, but there is no way I can recommend this game to anyone, not when there are flash games on internet, which you can play for free, that are much better made than this steaming pile of brown disappointment." (Nintendo DS, The Lost Town - The Jungle) .5/5

Snookies12  +   936d ago
Lol, thought it said "5/5", yet when I was reading the summary up there it didn't mesh with a perfect score. XD
tromwarrior  +   936d ago
Yeah, sorry about that. I debated going with either .5 or 0.5. Unfortunately, it's too late to change it now.
ApolloTheBoss  +   936d ago
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DivineAssault  +   936d ago
.5 huh? how do piles of garbage get published? i mean, do they demo these games first to see if theyre good?

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