"Vista Capable" scheme was panned at Microsoft

Back in April 2007, a lawsuit was filed in the US District Court accusing Microsoft of unfairly and incorrectly labeling machines as "Windows Vista Capable". The PCs with the small sticker on them (pictured above) could indeed run Vista, but only performed well with the most bare-bone edition: Vista Home Basic. In other words, there would be no Aero Glass, no Flip3D, no Media Center – no features that Vista was and is widely advertised to offer. Many customers felt like the company had ripped them off. Microsoft argued that it provided detailed information on the sticker program and that it was the customer's fault for not educating themselves before purchasing their new computer.

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meepmoopmeep3753d ago

this isn't new... we're talking about MS here... reality check, some?

Willio3753d ago

im suprised Apple didnt join the bandwagon to sue since their commercials had obviously denounce MS as obsolete.

DJ3753d ago

Sucks to be them. =/

Lavagasm3753d ago

Honestly, I agree with Microsoft. If you're going out there to buy a PC, do some research first. If you're dropping 500+ dollars on an item you should know what you're buying. Todays consumer is lazy.