The Last of Us: AI so good you’ll weep when you kill it

We speak with one of the Lead Gameplay Programmers for Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us about the next generation of AI, and how it could change the way you think about shooters.

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AO1JMM2055d ago

I think the game will be fantastic but I seriously doubt I will be amazed by the AI.

IWentBrokeForGaming2055d ago

Just the gameplay previews showed me enough to know that the AI is better than 98% of console games I've played this gen!

rezzah2055d ago

Some of the best AI I ever came across are in KZ2 and Fear 1 and 2.

Trenta272055d ago

There were very few enemies in those videos. They need to show us video of many enemies in a small place, like 10 or more.

AO1JMM2055d ago

LOL, So you all think I will be amazed?

Plagasx2055d ago

Lets not forget Halo :)

NoFanboyRequired2054d ago

People seem to forget how good the AI is in Halo. Halo 4 is just going to make it even better.

The AI alone on normal is harder than any other halo game. Could imagine what it will be like on lgendary. -_-

But on topic. I haven't really been paying attention to TLoU for spoiler reasons. Big uncharted fan and cant wait to play ND's next great masterpiece! :D

BitbyDeath2055d ago

ND should seriously consider making game engines for 3rd parties nextgen.

No FanS Land2055d ago

then sony could make an engine and license it out to 3rd party companies and shake UE3's marketshare.

jd6662054d ago

Why should they when Microsoft do all they can to make sure 360 has exclusive content, If u want to play a Naughty Dog game, BUY A PS3 I say

MySwordIsHeavenly2055d ago

I'm not sure how they do this stuff...but I love them for it.

r212055d ago

Man, this new AI frightens me abit....Sounds radically different compared to other AI's I've faced.

colonel1792055d ago

Well that is a good thing. It means that this game will feel fresh and exciting. It will be a completely new experience while playing it.

Something you don't find easily anymore.

r212055d ago

That's what Im hoping to get when I play TLOU :) ND hasnt let me down yet!

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The story is too old to be commented.