The Last of Us: AI so good you’ll weep when you kill it

We speak with one of the Lead Gameplay Programmers for Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us about the next generation of AI, and how it could change the way you think about shooters.

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The_Infected1662d ago

Other than graphics I think AI is a very important aspect. Great job making it so good Naughty Dog.

Freak of Nature1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

It is one of the primary aspect's for games IMO. Poor A.I. can be devastating to a game. If you have great eye candy, indepth original gameplay, and then A.I> is shoddy, well all is spoiled...

From what I have seen the NPC's in TLOU really react well to your behavior, they respond to your actions seamlessly in fact as good as I can recall seeing in any game thus far...

Whew, I wish this game was out now...

MikeMyers1662d ago

This game keeps sounding better and better. Can't wait.

crxss1662d ago

i really hope this game will be amazing. lets hope it doesn't turn out to be disappointing with all this hype

Septic1661d ago

AI has been criminally overlooked in comparison to other departments like visuals or physics etc this generation.

I'm extremely excited about what ND will achieve with TLOU. It really looks like they are going to set a new standard here. Here's hoping.

Bimkoblerutso1661d ago

^ I half agree, because in reality I don't think physics have come all that far either. Most developers are STILL using the floaty, unrealistic ragdoll physics of the Havok engine, an engine that was first implemented about eight or nine years ago. I mean yeah, you got engines like Euphoria and PhysX which seem to be making incremental strides, but one friggin uses them. They either use Havok or some proprietary engine that seems to mimic Havok.

It's really been ALL about the graphical fidelity this generation.

inveni01661d ago

AI is definitely important. In fact, it's as important as graphics and physics and gameplay, and is a keystone in what makes great games...great.

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srcBFMVBMTH1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )



"you’ll weep when you kill it"
Killing someone like that who was just so helpless, felt awesome and sad at the same time. haha

Sorta reminds me of all the death scenes in God of War 3. What made those deaths powerful IMO was the voice acting however.

AO1JMM1662d ago

I think the game will be fantastic but I seriously doubt I will be amazed by the AI.

IWentBrokeForGaming1662d ago

Just the gameplay previews showed me enough to know that the AI is better than 98% of console games I've played this gen!

rezzah1662d ago

Some of the best AI I ever came across are in KZ2 and Fear 1 and 2.

Trenta271662d ago

There were very few enemies in those videos. They need to show us video of many enemies in a small place, like 10 or more.

AO1JMM1662d ago

LOL, So you all think I will be amazed?

Plagasx1662d ago

Lets not forget Halo :)

NoFanboyRequired1661d ago

People seem to forget how good the AI is in Halo. Halo 4 is just going to make it even better.

The AI alone on normal is harder than any other halo game. Could imagine what it will be like on lgendary. -_-

But on topic. I haven't really been paying attention to TLoU for spoiler reasons. Big uncharted fan and cant wait to play ND's next great masterpiece! :D

BitbyDeath1662d ago

ND should seriously consider making game engines for 3rd parties nextgen.

No FanS Land1662d ago

then sony could make an engine and license it out to 3rd party companies and shake UE3's marketshare.

jd6661662d ago

Why should they when Microsoft do all they can to make sure 360 has exclusive content, If u want to play a Naughty Dog game, BUY A PS3 I say

MySwordIsHeavenly1662d ago

I'm not sure how they do this stuff...but I love them for it.

r211662d ago

Man, this new AI frightens me abit....Sounds radically different compared to other AI's I've faced.

colonel1791662d ago

Well that is a good thing. It means that this game will feel fresh and exciting. It will be a completely new experience while playing it.

Something you don't find easily anymore.

r211662d ago

That's what Im hoping to get when I play TLOU :) ND hasnt let me down yet!

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