DmC Devil May Cry pre-order trailers

Capcom released new pre-order trailers for DmC.

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colonel1791964d ago

I'm excited about all on-disk DLC!


Heartnet1964d ago

So ud be happier if they took it off the disk and made u download a 100mb file instead then?

Developers shud srsly consider doing that to get rid of that silly statment :) it can be on disk and not finished u know!

Mocat1964d ago

Next time when they lock 90% of the game and say it's DLC don't go complaining.

ironfist921964d ago

WOO! Got my copy pre-ordered, cant wait.

ziggurcat1964d ago

not sure why the crybabies are complaining...

Heartnet1964d ago

Not sure why they even bother commenting on these posts if all their gonna do is hate.. why click on them in the first place? clearly says dmc in title :/

trollz will be trollz :D

Burning_Finger1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

I pre-ordered mine for $9.99 in the bargain bin. lol

Or I'll wait for FOTY with all crap included. XD

VileAndVicious1964d ago

i dont understand what you get from the pre get the same weapon...with a diffent skin?

Heartnet1964d ago

just to please you next time theyll give u nothing :)

VileAndVicious1964d ago

What are you going on about? lol im seriously trying to understand what this pre order video is about

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