Hacker Attack Results in Thousands of Player and Non-Player Character 'Deaths' in World of Warcraft

Maximum PC: Throughout history, wars and plagues have wiped out entire cities and civilizations, leaving behind nothing but corpses and tears. Strangely enough, the same thing happened yesterday in World of Warcraft when hackers took advantage of an exploit that allowed them to march through various realms, destroying every character they came across, even non-player characters (NPCs).

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annus1806d ago

Over 9 million people still subscribed to WoW before the expansion came out, so I would assume those numbers are now higher. WoW was also said to be about 30% of Activision Blizzards profit in the second (maybe first) quarter of this year.

Soldierone1806d ago

The Kung Fu Panda expansion? :P

Joking aside, even my WoW friends didn't seem too interested in it and didn't jump back in.

bubblebeam1806d ago


Sadly, yes. My brother ONLY plays it. It's like a sickness. Won't even touch any great games I try getting him into (Bioshock, Borderlands 2, Uncharted...etc.)

As far as MMO's go, it doesn't even look that good compared to many others. Puzzles me TBH. AND it's expensive.

blumatt1806d ago

I C Wut U Did Thar. haha

It's the end of the world...of warcraft.

kesvalk1806d ago

good thing ppl can't "hack" life like that... imagine what bummer it would be?

bubblebeam1806d ago

Well, O.J Simpson did get away with murder.....just sayin, that is pretty hack too me.

thebudgetgamer1806d ago

That was mostly an A.I. issue with the prosecutors.

No FanS Land1806d ago

LOLLLL!!! I want this "gaming mechanic" in the dark souls successor ! XD

fanze1001806d ago

Can't think of anything other than WOW

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