Resident Evil 6: Capcom cites 'technical reasons' for on-disc DLC

Capcom has confirmed that some Resident Evil 6 DLC data is stored on retail copies of the game.

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RmanX10002235d ago

Yeah... "technical reasons."

-Mika-2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

It is for technical reasons. First off, the extra costumes and colors will be able to be unlocked on Second the data on the disc are partial data. Not the full thing. So obviously that stuff wasn't completed or scrapped. Lastly the "no hope" difficulty will be free dlc or unlockable via You and other users on here need to stop bashing capcom without having the full facts.

In response, Capcom said in a statement this afternoon: "We still have unannounced DLC for RE6 that will be revealed in the coming months"

This is great news. I was hoping that wasn't going to be all the dlc. I hope they add mercenaries reunion and a scenario including Jill. I would buy that in a heartbeat.

matgrowcott2235d ago

The pitchforks are already out, somebody has already lit the torches - you're not going to ruin this mob's night out with something as silly as facts, surely?

CcreapMurda3102234d ago

Is Capcom living up your anus?

KwietStorm2234d ago

You just love bending over, don't you?

HammadTheBeast2234d ago

How is it then, that people have unlocked and are using the dlc if it's partial data? Yeah.

Soldierone2234d ago

OR it could just be partial data so Capcom doesn't have to pay Sony/MS full price for bandwith use....since you only need to download half of the "DLC" and not all of it.

MehmetAlperTR2234d ago

Mika " The Lawyer Of a cRapcom !"

Digimortal2234d ago

dude -Mika speaks the truth man. Do you people not know how to read anymore? or is it that you just don't want to accept that truth and keep on the hate train. Well i salute you my friends. Have fun on that long Hate Train Journey.

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Snookies122235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

LOL! Yes, that's it... Just like their other games that have disc-locked content. I'm sure those were for technical reasons as well.

LiquidSword932234d ago

Of course! Can't you understand Capcom's pure intentions? /S

Kurt Russell2234d ago

Technically... they want more money.

KillerPwned2234d ago

I don't care what the situation is why cant games just be like last gen or any gen before that and include all the content right from the bat. I get stuff like expansion packs say a hole new story for Borderlands 2. But shit like new costumes for SF4 that shit should already be unlocked when you pay $60 for the game.

This RE6 on disk DLC if its free then why the hell not just include it in the game as an unlockable!?

Heavenly King2234d ago

because it will unlock via Still why begin bitching for a difficulty mode?

dedicatedtogamers2235d ago

'technical reasons'

Translation: "technically, we wanted to milk you for all of your money, and technically we could have made it completely downloadable, but technically it was way easier to put it on the disc and make you buy a 76kb code to unlock it."

Smashbro292235d ago ShowReplies(2)
Megaton2235d ago

Technically, we have to lock parts of the game out so that we can charge you twice for the same content.

MysticStrummer2234d ago

Lots of people seem to be ok with paying to play online, which I'm pretty sure is content that's on the disc when you buy it. I don't see why people are surprised and outraged by things like this and Online Passes. A large number of gamers have proven to the gaming industry that they are willing to pay more for things they already bought. The industry will naturally try to think of ways to exploit that for profit, and it makes them more money to put content on the disc and then sell you a code to unlock it.

amaguli2235d ago

They are unlockables, except for possible No Hope difficulty which may be free dlc.

vortis2234d ago

Well, it'll be free now because Capcom got busted.

amaguli2234d ago

Ha, most likely. You think they would have learned after the SFxT fiasco that modders are going to open all their games up for now on.

josephayal2235d ago

Looks like I'm done with Capcom

Dovahkiin2234d ago

Most sensible comment of yours I've read.

FOXDIE2234d ago

lol Already done with them since SF4!

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