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Submitted by donniebaseball 1217d ago | news

Game industry needs new consoles to reverse sales declines - Pachter

US retail sales of video games have not been good at all this year, with monthly declines regularly in the double digits. In an NPD data preview note, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter said that September's results (to be published this Thursday) won't be much better and that the industry really needs new consoles from Microsoft and Sony to push sales into positive territory again. (Industry, Michael Pachter)

NYC_Gamer  +   1217d ago
I agree,there isn't much excitement now days.Nintendo could take advantage with the Wii-U this year since it would get many peoples attention because its new hardware that offers a new style of home console gaming.
richierich  +   1217d ago
Totally! Bring on the next generation
doogiebear  +   1217d ago
What does new consoles have to do with the decline in profits in the gaming industry? Console sales only affect the Big 3 (Sony, MS, and Nintendo).

SOFTWARE sales are the decline that effects all other companies. So if games suck, and the economy is bad (both reasons being the true cause of the decline), then by what logic would a new generation of consoles do to make games...y'know--NOT suck? Plus with new consoles comes expensive hardware, and since the last generation, it may come with new, unfamiliar subscription fee's to take away more of your money.

Just because the game industry has never seen such a long delay between consoles, doesnt mean that THAT must be the reason for the bad SOFTWARE sales. There is virtually no correlation. In fact, it makes no sense. Need I also remind you, that you are listening to Pratcher (which carries with it it's own discredibility).

I could care less if next consoles come out now, or next month. But I just can't stand when conclusions are made without any viable logic.
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NYC_Gamer  +   1217d ago
There isn't much to be excited about.Many publishers won't even produce new franchises this late in the console circle.Its nothing but tired old franchises released every year..I believe new hardware is needed so publishers could release all of the new software they are holding back.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1217d ago
The problem is that nintendo doesn't push graphics and effect. They don't even have a semi next gen game yet at launch. Maybe ubisoft will. Pikmin will sell well though.

Nintendo is not even fully ready for bf4 next year..
"The developer points to memory as the main culprit, as going 64-bit guarantees full access to 4GB or more of RAM as well as better virtual addressing. Andersson sees it as a prime opportunity to upgrade to Windows 8" - dice

Windows 8 uses 300mb ram & they want to use 4gb + for frostbite next year! WiiU should of had 2 gb for games and 1 gb for OS.

Also I wish sega was still around.
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IAMERROR  +   1217d ago
Dreamcast 2
Yangus  +   1217d ago
Once again.
I think this generation old and tired.Need next-gen.
kurochi  +   1217d ago
What???!!! I don't agree with this assessment at all. The reason that retail games sales has been declining is because a lot of the games have been subpar. Instead of fixing the problem, which is to make better and original games, let's just throw newer consoles into the market and hope it stimulates sales? WTF? efing Pachter!!! So instead of better games, we'll just have COD/Halo to the nth degree on a newer console??
vortis  +   1217d ago
I think it's two-fold.

You're right, I see games like Journey and The Unfinished Swan and it's easy to see that if devs sacrifice graphics for gameplay we could experience some truly great and new experiences on today's consoles.

However, how many devs are going to sacrifice graphics for gameplay? And how many pubs will let that happen?

I'd love to see more games like Mount & Blade on consoles, and again, if they sacrifice graphics we could finally see 1000 vs 1000 army battles (and not the fake kind like Dynasty Warriors).

I think we'll still need new consoles, though, because even with crappy graphics GTA IV pushed consoles to their limits and the game's poor framerate and vehicle recycling really stripped away from the experience. It's a completely different game on PC.
doogiebear  +   1217d ago
@ kurochi:

Tell 'em man
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tigertron  +   1217d ago
E3 2013 will be the time when Sony and MS decide to show off their new consoles.
doogiebear  +   1217d ago
Yeah, and devs will be showing off their "new" crappy sequels on them and software sales will remain as low as ever. Unfortunately, Pretty graphics =/= inspiration for good game development. :/
mochachino  +   1217d ago
This gen is not at all exciting anymore. There are some good game coming out this fall that I'll probably pick up but nothing is like the first 3 years of a new console-gen in terms of exciting gameplay and graphics.

I went from buying about 8-10 games a year at $60 to 3-4 at no more than $40 in the last two years (most $20-30). Not sure if I can ever go back to paying new release prices, as waiting is not that difficult anymore.

This gen just went on way too long imo and I'm sure as hell never buying a launch console again.
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ChunkyLover53  +   1217d ago
We are so used to getting new and exciting hardware every 5 years that we've hit a lull. Technically we should have gotten the next Xbox in 2010 or 2011 at the latest.

When you consider that the current consoles were out before there was a such thing as iPads and iPhones you'll see what I'm talking about. A lot of hype and momentum has been taken away from consoles because of those things.

As someone who has been gaming on the current hardware since 2005 (Xbox 360) and 2006 (PS3/Wii) I'm more than ready for the new hardware to be released.
KiLLeRCLaM  +   1217d ago
Bring on the next's that easy..
nevin1  +   1217d ago

"Yeah, and devs will be showing off their "new" crappy sequels on them and software sales will remain as low as ever. Unfortunately, Pretty graphics =/= inspiration for good game development."

Lets face it, video games are dying.
StrawHatPatriot  +   1217d ago
This. inb4 someone says this, Mario ISN'T an example of this. They are releasing new versions of the game in it's many genres (different sports, 3-D adventure, platformer) for the younger people who weren't around. Mario is probably the only platformer left! lol.

With the sequels, of many games you see now, many of them, you have to buy the first one which is annoying. Add that to how many "hardcore" games on the PS3 and 360 are games that try to hard to be serious to a point in which they are either interactive movies and/or really boring.
medziarz  +   1217d ago
there's gonna be a new console from nintendo, is not that enough?
Aclay  +   1217d ago
I don't think newer and more expensive hardware with more expensive games is necessarily the answer. I think the sales decline has more to do more with it's just been a slow time as far as video game releases. Once more games that fall into the 'Heavy Hitter' category come out later this year, I think sales will pick up. Borderlands 2 was (IMO) only the first of these heavy hitter games and it only came out not that long ago.

As of late, I haven't been that much in a rush to get any of the recently newly released games because if this year's Black Friday is anything like last years, most of the major Fall Releases that came out/will come out between September - Early November will be $30/$40 bucks anyways, so I don't mind waiting a bit longer til' then.

And I have to concur with some previous comments for this article, because I'm also not finding this Console Gen. that exciting anymore either...there's still some upcoming games I'm looking forward too, but it just doesn't 'move' me on the inside like it used too.

And unless there's a significant leap in Next Gen consoles on both the Graphical/Technical and Interactive side of things, I honestly can't say if new consoles will make that much of a difference in my excitement for games either.

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