VGP Reviews Turok

"There are a lot of FPS games out today and though the story lines are different, most of them still seem the same. The first time I played Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter on the PC back in the 90's, I thought it was a brilliant concept. Man against beast FPS. Seeing it being revamped today for the Xbox 360 and PS3 made me giddy. Turok was one of the first games I ever played that wasn't about run and gun, but about survival. I felt like I was fighting to survive, not taking a head count of how many enemies I can put down. The first thing I noticed about the new Turok is that the new developers changed some things, the original was about some crazy time travel that put you up against the dinosaurs, the new one is more futuristic sci-fi tale. Major difference? You have a partner and you're fighting soldiers along with the dinosaurs."

Reviewed by Gina Fetterhoff

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