[XboxOZ360-Blog] Turok Review - Mediocrity at its finest

With the Turok franchise always seen as having huge potential but never delivering, it seems that the latest iteration is an improvement, but not by much...

Jim McIntyre writes: "The last entry into the Turok series, Turok Evolution, was the epitome of overhyped trash. It was quite possibly the worst game on the original Xbox. So it was understandable that it was with a substantial amount of dread, that I first put Turok into my 360 disc tray. I soon joyfully discovered that this latest entry in to the series elevates itself to the realms of mediocrity."

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resistance1003695d ago

5/10 a bit harsh IMO. I brought the game cheap £20 and im quite happy to pay that price for it. im about 3/4 way through the single player and would give it about a 7/10, i haven't been online yet because i can't due to internet at uni, however if its decent i may rate this game even higher.

Its defentely a game people should consider if they want a game to pass the time. I basically got it because i don't think we will see HAZE until May and DMC4 was completed in a couple of days

gaminoz3695d ago

Turok, while not terrible, is definitely a play and sell game. Not much replay there.