Poker Smash 1UP review 10/10

1UP reviews Poker Smash for Xbox 360, give it 10/10. Say "brilliantly polished Live Arcade gem. With its surprising depth and variety of features, Poker Smash will provide an entertaining escape for a long time to come, with the strategic legs to last beyond the fleeting appeal of most of its puzzle brethren. It's an absolute must-buy for its unique take on a classic formula and its bevy of gameplay modes and multiplayer options." writes David Ellis

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Mr_Kuwabara3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Okay I get it, playing a poker game is fun but giving it a 10....

blacsheep3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

why is 1up still around?

true gamers know their a bias site, ok this poker game is as FUN,COMPELLING,ATTRACTIVE as bioshock,super mario galaxy or uncharted?

1up............give up

RecSpec3631d ago

Stop looking for unbiased sites, seriously. As long as they are paid to do what they do, can you really trust ANYTHING anyone says these days?

Mr_Kuwabara3631d ago

Was it a magazine that gave Super Mario galaxy an 11/10? -_-

wageslave3631d ago

Really? When you played Poker Smash on your Xbox 360, what didnt you like?

RecSpec3631d ago

Well, wageslave, according to 1up scores, this 10 declares that Poker Smash is better than Mass Effect, which only got a 9. Care to back that up?

gogators3631d ago

after about 1 hour or so you'll understand the strategy and start pulling off chains left and right. It's fun to run both sides up and see how high your flush can get.

permutated3631d ago

Played the demo, really hated it.

I suppose that it's an acquired taste, and I respect that.

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The story is too old to be commented.