WhatCulture: Playstation All Stars Battle Royale Preview

Eurogamer 2012: Playstation All Stars is more of a street fight than a battle royale.

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360ICE1933d ago

Hmm, worrying.
But Sony has few stand out characters?
I call BS.

Irish_Bassist1933d ago

Sony has plenty of great characters, but a lot of the comments I heard around the demo booth was directed at a lacklustre line up.

smashcrashbash1933d ago

Strange how it's Sony people that complain the most about everything. Nintendo was missing so many Nintendo characters that made the system what it was but no one made such a big deal about it.We have Parappa one of the first musical games, Sweet Tooth basically the star of the best car combat game ever, Drake whose game broke records in awards, Sony's platformer trio Sly, Jak and Ratchet,best superhero game besides Batman Infamous Cole Mc Grath, one of the most well know of the Tekken group Heiichi, Kratos, one of the most brutal and epic of the action fighting games. How is that lackluster? Because they don't have a few characters that people see as essential and thought that everyone would juts hand Sony characters out of the kindness of their heart?

Pushagree1932d ago

The problem is they are using new blood and ignoring the classic characters that actually spurred the PS brand and caused it to succeed and develop it's own flavor that causes it to merit it's own fighting game mock up in the first place. Final Fantasy VII and MGS both revolutionized cinematics in video games for thier time and not having any characters from either of those games means that the roster will never really represent what Playstation is all about. Instead, we have useless third party characters acting as filler and no-name PS characters like Parapa and Fat princess clogging up the game where the real characters should be. It's clear that Sony did not give this game much support in the funding area judging from cheap choices like that. As it stands, the roster is at 20 characters, wich is far lass than Samsh Bros. That is unacceptable. I expected Sony to take advantage of the superior tech and space they have to create a line-up of at least 50 characters. This is just a weak effort all around. They are probably doing this to make you buy each character you wanted for 10$ DLC. What a rip.

adamaron1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

It's one thing create a fighting game with company mascots, but its look like a full blown rip off of SSB. Didn't they have any original ideas for game concepts?

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