10 year lifespans for Xbox 360 and PS3? Strategy to beat Wii?

Dave Parrack from Tech.Blorge writes:

"Consoles have until now had a 4 to 6 year lifespan, and how long they have lasted before being superseded by a successor has depended on hardware sales, and what competitors are up to. This generation however, looks to be different, with both Sony and Microsoft already claiming their current consoles will last far longer."

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DADO3758d ago

I might be wrong but i never heard anybody from MS saying that the 360 will be around for 10 years!

MADGameR3758d ago

More like, 1 to 2 years PER 360.

PSWe603758d ago

I think the 360 could last for 10 if it's still in its unopened box.

power of Green 3758d ago

"Our belief is that the Xbox 360 will have a very long life cycle. It is much different than the original Xbox."

Can't find the more detailed interview but this much is for sure; they're not going to kill off the 360 after 4 years its going to be more like what Sony has done over the years. I doubt any company will wait too long before launching a new console though.

mesh13758d ago

the 360 has longer life span than any nextgen console imagine how games will look on the 360 in years to come when now the games looks amazing on th e360 and it has good tolls for development games will look amazing on this system in the next 1 or 2 years as it uses direct x tech ,look at gears of war released as a a 360 1st generation game and looks better than any game to date imagine when they keep finding new ways to tap the 360 it will be amazing.

mistertwoturbo3757d ago

Mesh1, Gears of War is NOT a 1st generation 360 title. It's a 2nd. The 360 came out in 2005, while Gears of War came out in 2006. Get your facts straight.

Secondly, you contradict yourself. Sure Gears of War has excellent graphics, but name a 360 game today that even remotely looks as good as gears of war. Halo 3? Looks like crap. Bioshock? Same engine.

The point is, developers are making 360 games that's only the same level as gears of war, not leaps and bounds better than it. Because you truely need to understand the 360 is just like a PC with a triple-core processor. It will hit it's limits eventually and it looks like it's already there.

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Ariexv3758d ago

10 years is an amazingly long time for technology to be around and still be used..... especially since neither company will be eager to let the other launch a year + ahead of them next time around, for all the people saying they wish consoles had 10 year lifespans do you really want to be just NOW upgrading from a Ps1/N64 to a Ps2/xbox/GC? I'm assuming their "10 year" lifecycle is meaning that the Ps3/360 will continue to sell after the Ps4/720 come out like the Ps2 still does today.... but even then do you think the Ps2 will still be selling strong in 3-4 years from now?

wageslave3758d ago

I agree with you. Im sure we'll see PS4 & Xbox 720 in regular time. Though, its pretty safe to say that box ps3 & Xbox 360 will continue to be useful.

In the case of Xbox 360, its still great for Windows Media Center and other entertainment-center purposes. As will the PS3 (save WMC).

Chubear3758d ago

Dude, the PS1 kept selling 'till it was discontinued in mid 2005. the PS2 is already in year 7 and obviously has momentum to be in circulation for another 3years.

You dont seem to understand that a vast majority of gamers arent' on gaminig websites like you and I. People feel confortable that they don't have to spend alot of money to get a console and it's fine for them.

I have no idea why you'd doubt the PS2 will have a 10year lifespan when the PS1 already did that.

grilledgorlupa83758d ago

The PS2 is STILL around. Its almost 8 years.

ravinash3758d ago

how long has the PS2 been going now....and its still going strong.
I'd say the PS4 will come out in about 7 years time, but the PS3 continue for a little while after that in the same way the PS2 did.
Who knows what will happen with the 360, that depends on whether MS want to continue support for it after the next model cames out.

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toughNAME3758d ago

I'm crossing my fingers for new Xbox in 2009

I know it'll be pretty hard to win a console war when you release a new console every few years, but me, a gamer, would love it :D

Kain813758d ago

a consoles lifespan must be 5-6years its a Unwritten Rule
If i want to buy every 2 Years an Update than i would buy a PC

altimako023758d ago

all three will be replaced in a 5-7 year cycle. truthfuly i want the control schemes and physics to advance . graphics are already great on 360 and ps3, just want more power to control more engins so games innovate

Mr Tretton3758d ago

of course new machines will come, but PS3 in particular can make plenty of people happy for around 10 years. There is difference between generation cycle and life cycle. And Sony means 10 year life cycle when they say the PS3 will last 10 years. People get those things confused.

wageslave3758d ago

I think you're right. I dont think MS will, upon release of Xbox 720, stop producing or suppling content to Xbox 360. I cant see PS4 not coming to match either.

If MS releases a Xbox 720, and Sony doesnt match them, then *all* the first-adopter hard-core players will goto MS. Then, the Xbox 360 & PS3 can split what is left for underfunded and/or more casual players.

Sony cant afford to *not* match MS. If there is anything we can all agree on, is that technology marches forward, and these companies arent going to hold back - there going to innovate.

bruiser813758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

but launching a new console is very costly, it the old consoles that make the money a.k.a ps2. if ms was to release a system before sony it would be competing with the ps3 which would obviously have the larger install base. i think ms will ride out on their profits for as long as they can. ninty wont be affected by this because their system was cheap to make anyway so they can make a new cheap system and still profit.

Kleptic3758d ago

Wageslave...I see what you are saying...but the release of the 360 contradicted that big time...

the main thing is price...even at a 299 price point, the 360 got 100% wrecked its first year up against the PS2...and it was the only next gen option at that time...

If the 720 beats the PS4 to the market, sort of repeating what just happened this won't matter to Sony...the PS3 will just wreck the 720...but you are correct with the 360 at that point, it will most likely just be the 360 and PS3 continuing to battle it out, while the new consoles sit back to gather momentum...The 1st Xbox didn't really exist in Sony's mind...the 360, at least at this point, definitely does...

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meepmoopmeep3758d ago

since coming into the console arena they somehow thought consoles only last 3 years tops. and dropping the entire userbase for the next console isn't a good idea. i was one of the xbox only owners last gen.

Salvadore3758d ago

And I am very doubtful about picking up a 360 as I don't really want to experience Deja Vu all over again.

wageslave3758d ago

Really, that sounds like sour grapes. MS released a good product, and supported it -- at a loss -- for the industry-standard useful life.

This gen, the PS2 is proving to have legs for the first time. If Sony ends up with a userbase of 25M consoles and Xbox 360 has 100M, I can promise you that Sony is going to drop the PS3 like a brick.

I had a PS2 last gen, and not a Xbox. I am quite confident that the library and long-term viability of the Xbox 360 will extend well into the Xbox 720.

meepmoopmeep3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

"fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me"

it wont' happen to me twice.

since MS did that i will be buying my 360 USED and the games USED so that MS gets not a PENNY from me

bruiser813758d ago

@ 5.2 there is no way the 360 will outsell the ps3 by 75 mill units. its popular but not that popular, the ps3 is coming into it own and will soon if not already be right on its heals. 360's strong hold is the us and parts of the uk and the ps2 didnt even sell 100 mil with those 2 regions alone.

Kleptic3758d ago

uh...meepmoopmeep...for reasons that can't be splattered in this zone...I would simply recommend waiting for a price drop, and buying a new 360 w/ the huge warranty...rather than a used one...

the 360 is an eggshell..everyone knows that...I would elaborate more, but would probably get in trouble over 'here'...

gogators3758d ago

and any business will change business models if the current one is unsuccessful, especially if it's losing money. Both Nintendo and MS have done that recently. Sony would too, If it ever became necessary.

ravinash3757d ago

"Sony 25M consoles and Xbox 360 100M".

Where the hell did you get these numbers from???
World wide the PS3 is matching if not passing the sales of the 360, so if the 360 ever got to 100M then the PS3 will be there right with in.
It would take years for either console to get to 100M soles just like the PS2 did, with 10M PS3 sold after 1 year, it will reach the 25M mark in about 1-2 years time.

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