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Dishonored: PS3 vs. 360 gameplay comparison video

CVG compares the console versions of Dishonored, following labelling the title " one of the best games of this generation". (Dishonored, PS3, Xbox 360)

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chriski333  +   903d ago
Ps3 looks much better
Dlacy13g  +   903d ago
they pretty much look identical (not sure what you are looking at)... I think owners of either system will be happy.
ziggurcat  +   902d ago
i think it'll come down to performance.

and given bethesda's previous record on the PS3 (yes, i know bethesda just published the game...) i'm guessing that it'll be better for the X360.
MaxXAttaxX  +   902d ago
Looks the same.
Not sure why you would make that statement if you're going to end up contradicting yourself by acknowledging that Bethesda didn't develop the game....
decrypt  +   902d ago

Console gamers.. Dont care about graphics. They only blindly support their platform of choice.

Piddly differences between the two dinosaurs are irrelevant.
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The_Nameless_One  +   902d ago
Nice to see them playing to the strengths of each console. This video doesn't really show it but from other videos I've seen it looks like the PS3 has better draw distance textures then the 360 while the 360 has better looking water effects. On the performance side it seems the PS3 has some screen tear and a few hiccups but from that I understand those are far and few in between so again no big deal.

As far as which version to get, console wise, then it really comes down to which controller you are most comfortable with.

Different developer, and more importantly, different engine. Skyrim and fallout use the Gamebyro which is notorious for being buggy as fuck. Just look at how many bugs were there on all three platforms. Dishonored uses the Unreal Engine which used to have problems running right on the PS3 but developers overtime learned how to make it work right.
Yangus  +   903d ago
Not different.

This game very cool,but visuals not AAA.

KZ,RAGE,Bioshock Infinite,Crysis 3 much better graphics.
Perjoss  +   903d ago
Sorry but games that are not released yet do not count
lastdual  +   903d ago
Games like Crysis 3 look great on a technical level, but I much prefer the stylized, painterly visuals of Dishonored.

Similar to Wind Waker, this game's unique visual style is a lot more timeless.
DARK WITNESS  +   903d ago
not every game needs to look photo-real.

As for as comparing it to bioshock, I think this actually looks better.

I will have a better opinion on it once I have played this, but I have bioshock and going back to it now, it does not stand out as much as it did all those years back.

the problem with games like KZ and Rage is that they focus sooo much on the graphics that there is not much more too them once you take that away.

I have owned both KZ and Rage and I am more excited by this game then I was for those two. Crysis 3 I can't say, but I also owned crysis 2 and again outside of the graphics it didn't feel like it had much substance to it.

I will take Cool over Graphics anyday.
Shadonic  +   903d ago
but the graphics here are more pertained to the artstyle of the game coinsidieng wit the overall theme. I mean compared to rage borderlands2 dosent look that great but overall borderlands 2's artstyle appeals to me and i like it and even if its not great on a graphical standpoint the game in itself is good.
PastyGangster  +   903d ago
Dishonored's graphic style isn't even suppose to look like Bioshock, nor Crysis 3 for that matter. That is just a silly comparison.
Norrison  +   902d ago
You shouldn't judge a game because it got a different artstyle, look at borderlands 2 it looks stunning on pc and the artstyle makes it even better. I'm pretty sure it's the same story with this game.
Kingdom Come  +   902d ago
You can't compare Dishonored with Crysis 3, they have completely different Art Styles, I happen to think Dishonored looks gorgeous. Comparisons to Bioshock Infinite are understandable.
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IAMERROR  +   903d ago
Games graphics looks unimpressive if I'm honest. The versions look identical and only fanboys would argue which looks better.
starchild  +   903d ago
I don't agree at all. I think these are definitely some of the better graphics this generation. Obviously not the very best, but still very nice. The real-time lighting, DOF, art direction and post process effects makes it look very good in my opinion.

I'm getting it on the PC in any case, and I know that it will look beautiful.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   903d ago
Honestly they do look virtually identical.

Not sure where you got got "PS3 looks much better"
They look the same.
XB1_PS4  +   903d ago
How are there so many agrees on your post? I don't understand. They look exactly the same. Sometimes one's brighter or darker than the other. Other than that you'd be nitpicking to find something different.
MariaHelFutura  +   903d ago
Multiplats basically all look the exact same at this point in this generation.
Intentions  +   902d ago
lol they look the same.

Arcane Studios, I'm impressed.
jsslifelike  +   902d ago
The only difference I saw was that the particle systems on the large smokestack off in the distance seemed to populate differently.
lastdual  +   903d ago
Looks about the same, which is to be expected for a UE3 game at this point.
forestfrog  +   903d ago
Hey, as long as it looks better on MY preferred console, then we don't have a problem here.
telekineticmantis  +   903d ago
Haven't seen one of these in a while
have fun guys!
SlavisH2  +   903d ago
wasn't ps3 the lead platform? anyway they look the same the battle of "ancient hardware" continues!!!!!!!!
cj1pate101  +   903d ago
rofl copter couldnt have been said better.
NonApplicable  +   902d ago

Did I say it better?
aquamala  +   903d ago
Lol so true. Battle of 6 year old tech continues!
josephayal  +   903d ago
PS3 Version
cj1pate101   903d ago | Trolling | show
MadMen  +   903d ago
Hmmm it varies in diff spots -

Im over this gen bring on the next.
CidFTW  +   903d ago
If you want to see the true different of PS3 and X-Box simple. Have the same thing make the game for the PS3 and X-Box and don't port the x-box to the ps3 because it easier.

The PS3 has more power and graphics but sadly the company who make the game just make it for xbox and port it to PS3 so the ps3 don't get it full graphics of what it can do.

Any game on the xbox if they made for the ps3 without port it over I mean taking the time to make it just for the ps3 would look better then xbox.

This is the list if they make 1 game for each of them without posting them.

PS: If you say the xbox graphics in any game look better then ps3 its because the people who made the game didn't want to spend the ex hours making the ps3 one look better being the ps3 has more power. They just want to save money.
Sorry for my best english
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cj1pate101   903d ago | Bad language | show
aquamala  +   903d ago
Why doesn't the ps3 version look more like the pc version then if it is more powerful?

Somehow the devs are taking full advantage of powerful pc's but not the hidden power of ps3?
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CidFTW  +   903d ago
I just saying its a lot easier to port game from the xbox to the ps3 then it is to make a ver for the PC and X-Box and PS3. They would never port a xbox game to the pc without making them look sooooooo much better being the PC vs Xbox the PC like 3x+ better in graphics. The PS3 is not much better then the Xbox so why spend the ex time make it look better when it can port the xbox to the ps3. Any game they make 9/10 they made for the 360 and port to ps3 to make it faster.
yesmynameissumo  +   903d ago
They look identical. Are comparisons even needed anymore?
cj1pate101  +   903d ago
nope they are not. Neeeded*
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yesmynameissumo  +   903d ago
Hahaha! My bad.
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DivineAssault  +   903d ago
They both look identical.. On the 360 version from the boat scene, the hatch on the ground flickers a bit but other than that they both look the same as far as textures, lighting, n frame rates.. Too bad, i wanted PS3 to shut em down again... like with RE6, tekken, & darksiders.. Wheres the DOA5 comparison??
MetalProxy  +   903d ago
Also the xbox version at 1:55 has a long twitchy line on the big pole on the left side but otherwise they are mostly the same.
Max-Zorin  +   903d ago
They look identical.
M2-  +   903d ago
The only difference I see is at 2:10 where a bird flies into view on the Xbox 360 version but not the PS3 version. Also the maximum amount of birds that can be seen flying in the background all at once from 2:10 onwards is 2 on the PS3 and 3 on the Xbox 360.
DiRtY  +   903d ago
absolutely identical. Well done to the developers.
pyramid  +   903d ago
Framerate and texture are better on xbox360 than ps3 as usual.
mochachino  +   903d ago
From the vid, PS3 looked slightly sharper with slightly more jaggies most of the time but the amount of perceptible difference (to me) is about 1% so they are virtually identical.

My only dilema in this case is whether to go with my preferred controller or achievement system. I much prefer trophies to achievements (they're not random points and a platinum means a lot more than 1000GS when DLC is involved) but I like the 360 controller more, unless a game requires ample use of the d-pad.
PersonMan  +   902d ago
Screen tearing on PS3 version. Oh well. I never planned on getting this game anyway.
IRISHCALIBER  +   902d ago
Pretty Silly, its clear if you actually watched the video that the flags blew more realistically on the 360 version as well as the added leaves and birds in the scenes were moe noticeable on the Xbox. It's been clearly proven lately through game developers that the Bluray drive is heavily taxed through texture caching. Not to mention the PS3 is a nightmare to develop for . If it wasn't for the fanboys 3rd party companies would drop Sony all together.
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Braid  +   902d ago
Two versions look almost the same if not 100% identical. If they run the same as well, no problems here. Nothing to discuss, too, sadly enough for fanboys.
firefly69  +   902d ago
This game is great but in graphics its not a beast there are actually some textures that look PS2 very soft and bland but all that is just neglected because the art work and gameplay is great.This game is for people that enjoy gaming and not for graphic whores.
Alcohog  +   902d ago
All I have to say is...they both look terrible after seeing the PC version.
shivvy24  +   902d ago
The ps3 version looks JUST slightly better But seriously their ALMOST identical ! doesnt matter which console u get it for !
specialguest  +   902d ago
Looks identical for the most part except there's no anti-alias on the PS3 version. It's noticeable on 1:16 of the video in HD mode on the green tree and the leafless tree in the background.
Jazz4108  +   902d ago
From what I can see they look the same but in performace I have read the 360 wins this by alot and does on most multiplat games especially using unreal engine.
Platinum_k  +   902d ago
Pick whichever. They both look very identical.
DigitalAnalog  +   902d ago
One thing's for sure.
There somehow isn't any complaints regarding the PS3 port considering Bethesda is in bad state with that particular fanbase by now.
Son_Lee  +   902d ago
If someone is that concerned with comparisons, get a copy for each system and put them on TVs side-by-side and scrutinize every frame. While you do that, I'll enjoy Dishonored. :)
Errod88  +   902d ago
Another great mulitplat
StreetsofRage  +   902d ago
Absolutely no difference! Anybody that believes their is, has their fanboy goggles on.
iistuii  +   902d ago
No need for me to look for jaggies, tearing or framerate, ill be playing on pc. Enjoy your squabble over minor differences, if all that interested you was graphics, play it in true HD on pc, otherwise just be happy with the job theyve done on both consoles.
Rohered  +   902d ago
No inferior version for this game.
reynod  +   902d ago
Negative, consoles versions are the inferior versions. As a 500usd gaming PC will play this at 1080p.
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