EA Gothenburg confirms work on new Need for Speed title

EA Gothenburg has confirmed via its job page that it is working on a future installment of Need for Speed.

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core_52143d ago

this is known since weeks

Cam9772143d ago

Screw Mw, I'll wait for this!
(I'm joking, this is ridiculous though!)

Frankfurt2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

We need a NFS that has the variety of settings and graphics of The Run, but without all the (dozens and dozens of) silly-to-idiotic design choices made by Black Box.

Criterion's M.O., where every terrain and car feels the same is just plain boring, too. The fact they are overseeing the franchise due to The Run's failure is awful. Elevations, rain, ice, sand should affect handling, and that just does'nt happen in Criterion's world. Cars should handle completelly different based on weight, rear or front wheel, and so on (and not just on how you drift). In Criterion's games, you only need the fastest car, then you drift all day every day. There's no reason to go back to a previous, slower car. The only "variety" is using weapons or not. Boring.

Weaving and just... plain DRIVING feel awful in Criterion's games. Leave the drifting + full speed 24/7 to Out-Run and make games with actual handling, Criterion.

napalmbrainmusic2143d ago

if u want 'actual handling' play gt5 and quit whining!

Lvl_up_gamer2143d ago

Or if you want the whole package and not just "actual handling", play Forza 4

RavageX2142d ago

The hell are you on about? NFS has hardly ever been about realism....Shift tried and before that...maybe the first NFS game. (Road and Track or whatever)

Lordchunk2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Why am i not surprised

GamerElite2143d ago

Not breaking news. A yearly new NFS game. What s surprise.

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