Dishonored: The Good Ending: FTG Endgame Theater

Well, what a ride! Game took a turn at the halfway point and just didn’t let up. Arkane Studios did a magnificent job with their spin on the Thief meets Bioshock take on the stealth action genre with their masterpiece, Dishonored.

As someone who tries to do no harm while playing stealth action games, I, of course, wound up with the “Low Chaos” ending of the game, which is the game’s equivalent of the good ending. Marks were not assassinated but instead quietly removed in an indirect fashion, guards were knocked unconscious…hell, even most of the city’s plague infected citizens and dogs were put down in a non-lethal means. I absolutely look forward in going back and becoming a holy terror of stealth murder to see the “High Chaos” ending and how Lady Emily runs her Dunwall then…and yes, of course, there will be an FTG Endgame Theater when I wrap that up as well!

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