GTA IV: Screenshots Break Down Screenshots for Grand Theft Auto IV have been flowing in since the first ones were released in March of 2007. Today brings an analysis of 25 new ones. For more analysis on the game, check out the trailer one breakdown, the trailer two breakdown and the the trailer three breakdown. In addition, check out the large-scale breakdown from a few weeks back.

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brocool3781d ago

This is getting sad, theres no way im that excited to actually read a breakdown of screenshots,.. maybe just a peek :P

Snukadaman3781d ago

I dont think this is a good sign.....

rushbd3781d ago

Just wait for the game to release. not too far now

bloop3781d ago

The only thing I worry about when I look at GTA:IV screens is the apparent lack of pedestrians/npc's on the streets. Has anyone else noticed this? I cannot wait any longer for this game!!! But it would suck if the streets of Liberty are practically empty. I hope this isn't the case in the final build.