Loot Ninja's Patapon Giveaway

Loot Ninja loves Patapon so much they want to share it with you. That's why they're going to give away a copy of the PSP game to one lucky reader. The contest ends the day before the game is released so they can declare a winner on February 26th and get the game shipped out to you that day.

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Mr_Kuwabara3572d ago

I'm so getting this game when it shows up. I'm thinking of reserving it to get the free demo + special item.

Skerj3572d ago

Do it man, the demo is very worth the cost of reservation.

taz80803572d ago

Yeah reserving a copy finally gets you something good, a cool demo to rock out on until the real thing is released.

Lanontscuz3572d ago

i already paid it in full lol just waiting for gamestop to get the demo so i can get the extra weapon

meepmoopmeep3572d ago

only available in the U.S...

as always... cut us canadians some friggin slack!

grilledgorlupa83572d ago

This game is already a steal at $20 but hey whatever

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