Interview: Fallout soundtrack composer Mark Morgan

Back then in '97 Mark Morgan composed the sacred soundtrack to Fallout – a post nuclear role playing game. In no time Fallout and Mark himself become a cult… His name is well-known and beloved by every Fallout fan around the globe, while music he created became a reference for almost a generation of composers and one of the most valuable pieces of ambient ever created. A decade passed since those time and Mark Morgan dropped off the radar: his latest game musical score dated by the year 2000. However, all these years thousands of people enjoyed their time listening to his still unmatched work hoping that Mark will once awaken from the sleep and create another masterpiece.

What's really a staggering fact – even assuming his popularity nobody actually knew anything specific about him: no pictures in the web, no contacts and interviews – there was a question if he really existed after all. No evidences and almost no clues… That was strange and curious at the same time. The GameOST has been trying to find him for a good bunch of years, but with no luck… GameOST even had a joke that when their search will be finished, they'd have to close GameOST at all – they'll have nothing to wish anymore. Thousands of people passed through our hands: musicians, photographers, doctors… but not him. The longer GameOST searched the more valuable he became. The truth was out there and GameOST sensed it with every cell of their skin. GameOST could tell you a story how he finally been found, but GameOST won't torture you with it… all in time. Well… GameOST interrogated the enigmatic Mr. Morgan and found out his plan of triumphal "return".

[ Contributor's Notes: Mark Morgan also composed for Planescape: Torment and Giants: Citizen Kabuto; the interview also discusses the upcoming remastered Fallout soundtrack. ]

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