Angry Birds Star Wars Coming November 8th

Angry Birds creators, Rovio, recently teased a Star Wars edition to their range of titles in the franchise and they have now announced that Angry Birds Star Wars will be released on November 8th.

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RmanX10002084d ago

Im done. This planet... It is useless to me. Im leaving.

zgoldenlionz2083d ago

Wait you have a spaceship? Take me with you I'll cook and cleanup in the common areas.

darthv722083d ago

of all the animosity this 'series' generates.

I think this one may actually entertain me.

newsguy2084d ago

man, angry birds is taking over everything, isn't it?

Moerdigan2083d ago

lets put 2 overly exposed ip together.

Dovahkiin2083d ago

Because they aren't forbidden by law, so they think it's fine and dandy.

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