Why delaying Rayman Legends is a good move

Rayman Legends slips to Q1 2013, but what makes this a good move?

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Ilovetheps42111d ago

It's disappointing to not have the game at launch, but I'd rather it be near perfect than have many flaws. I can't wait to play this game though. It looks like a lot of fun. I guess all I'll be getting at launch now is ZombieU. I hope it's great.

bad naruto2111d ago

I'll buy this amazing game when they release it on PSVITA.

come_at_me_bro2111d ago

Rayman Origins was incredible. There seriously needs to be more hand drawn 1080p platformers.

CandyCaptain2111d ago

Without even reading the article, I know why it was delayed. So it doesn't get cannibalized. Ubisoft already had a huge amount of games coming out this holiday. They pushed the release back to give it it's own time, without the worry of it being overshadowed.

kB02111d ago

With Ubisoft I honestly don't know what to say when they delay games...only that most of the time it's not to ACTUALLY IMPROVE the game.

Splinter Cell 3D or Rayman Origins 3Ds anyone?

I'll wait till the vita version or 3Ds version comes out (only if they don't screw up the 3DS version again)

I prefer to play's just something about continuing the game both at home and on the go that makes handhelds awesome!

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