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Submitted by SkirkRidgeEX 1223d ago | interview

One Hit Pixel: Capcom And Ninja Theory On Why The World Is Trying To Kill Dante In DmC

One Hit Pixel: "When it was first announced that Ninja Theory would be taking on the mantle of Capcom’s Devil May Cry franchise, there were sceptics out there who said that it can’t be done. The more I’ve seen from this game however, including playing it at last month’s Eurogamer Expo, the more I’ve felt that this initial outrage was unjust.

Fuelled by a brand new sense that both companies may be onto a winner, I got a chance to catch up with Alex Jones – Lead Producer from Capcom and Dominic Matthews – Communications Manager from Ninja Theory, to discuss the brand new take on Dante’s world and why we should be standing up and taking notice!" (DmC: Devil May Cry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

thaking155  +   1223d ago
So you're telling me that Dante being more vulgar (cussing, flipping people off), Graphics downgrade, having angel/demon background instead of having human/demon blood, another retelling of the origin of Dante (also Virgil), where the world "tries" to eat you (even though you wont die) is needed? Why not make a sequel and not mess with Dante's origin? Make a different game and not name it Devil May Cry?

Also "Previously enraged fans have dwindled to a minority of nay-sayers"
-This Guy Alex is a moron, you can't tell me you do not see the hate all over the internet for this game. Are you kidding me? That's why you guys have to disable the comments on your youtube wall and basically ignoring all the negative comments over the internet because there is so much positive feedback about this game..... Give me a break bro!
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mamotte  +   1223d ago
It's actually a funny thing: In reality, nobody hates "the game". What everyone still hate is the new design for dante, the first ons they showed looked a lot like Twilight, and that was horrible. Actually, it changed and isn't bad now (imho) But nobody hate the game itself; far from it, everyone that actually played it enjoyed it.

But we all know one of the first rules on N4G: "Hate a game for everything you want: graphics, developers, design, prejudices; but do it BEFORE playing the game"
Summons75  +   1223d ago
Ahhhhh your one of thoooose people

How does slowing down the combat, nerfing the combo system so casuals can easily get the highest rank when it use to take skill, changing personalities of EVERYONE not just Dante, ignoring all the origins that were already explained through the first game (IE: Ebony and Ivory being crafted in the demon world for Dante hence why they CAN'T over heat), Over heating weapons, changing rebellion into a shapeshifting thing, Giving Dante a half angel mode when it is said millions of times he is half demon/ half human, downgrade of the graphics, a shotty art style, NT insulting fans, the original games and the creator himself= people hate only because of his hair?

There is very valid and justified reason why people hate this game....and the people who have "liked" the game, are people who get paid to say they like it because if they don't Capcom will take their ads off the site causing the site to lose money. NT is doing the worst job on this game which isn't surprising seeing as they haven't made any good games in their life, including a DMC clone which failed.
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zerocrossing  +   1223d ago
"Play the game before you hate the game" is the single most stupid argument you can make.

If I play the demo and still hate the game, people argue that the demo isn't the full game so your opinion is null and void since you don't have enough to go on to form a solid opinion.

If I buy the full game and still hate it, I'm a freaking idiot for buying something I knew I wouldn't like, and a even bigger idiot for supporting Capcom and NT by helping to validate their thoughts that the game is good and the fans will like the changes, ultimately ruining a franchise and helping in cementing their resolve in continuing to do so.

This is cold hard logic people.
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prototypeknuckles  +   1223d ago
you cant use the "oh you only hate it because of the hair" argument anymore especially against me because i actually like the way new dante looks, and trash this game everyday because the characters, story, and gameplay isn't devil may cry

seriously cursing dante, bitch made vergil, angel/demon background, weapon cool downs,etc......., at least trish, lady, and nero arent in this crap game
TemplarDante  +   1223d ago
Hey Mamotte.
Shut up.
jghvhv  +   1223d ago
The second I found out Ninja Theory were making this,I knew I would never like or buy it.NT are just full of crap,I never liked them.
Tru_Blu  +   1223d ago
NT make Heavenly Sword 2!!
AsimLeonheart  +   1223d ago
The enraged fans have not dwindled but the new kids are taking interest because now the new Dante looks and behaves like them. The kids this gen are used to playing crappy games so they cant tell when a game is crappy. That is why COD sells millions and Resident Evil 6 is shipping millions. CAPCOM will learn their lesson once the game releases. I don't know what CAPCOM thought was wrong with DMC4. They are expecting this one to sell 2 million and the original ones sold more than that so what are they hoping to achieve with this crappy westernised reboot???
ShaunCameron  +   1223d ago
In all fairness the industry does need new blood to keep it going. Just ask the comic book industry.

<The enraged fans have not dwindled but the new kids are taking interest because now the new Dante looks and behaves like them.>

Wrong. Most of the people who bought COD are ADULTS. The brats on XBox Live doesn't speak for every proud COD player.

As far as kids being used to playing crappy games goes, it figures when the first console they ever had was a PS2. But by the same token, one man's trash is the next man's treasure.

<The kids this gen are used to playing crappy games so they cant tell when a game is crappy. That is why COD sells millions and Resident Evil 6 is shipping millions. CAPCOM will learn their lesson once the game releases.>
zerocrossing  +   1223d ago
Well I still hate the game.

Agree if you're with me.
prototypeknuckles  +   1223d ago
"Why The World Is Trying To Kill Dante In DmC""
because he runs around like an ass clown, cursing, and flipping people off, oh but wait somepeople say he acts just like old dante, REALLY?
TemplarDante  +   1223d ago
Mmm.. I read the title and realised if they want to kill him...
They must be fans of the original (and Real) Dante.
CrimsonDragon90  +   1223d ago
there is no original dante.original dante as some call him,is just a scrapped version,of resident evil 4 early character design for their is no original dante.
VileAndVicious  +   1223d ago
Meh. The game looks different. But I think it looks good so ill be checking it out.
ShaunCameron  +   1223d ago
I'm impressed with the level-designing. And the camera angles seems stable. I might give this a chance.
GreenRanger  +   1223d ago
Oh, it's one of those articles that says the "vocal minority" are hating on this game because of Dante's hair.
CrimsonDragon90  +   1223d ago
the DmC hate will calm down in no time.example,dmc2 was meet with negative feedback,fanboys complain it was crap,and too easy.then when fanboys heard dante was not gonna be the star of dmc4 it cause fanboys to get mad and upset.but that was not all what await them was that dmc4 was going to the 360,which anger fanboys and cause them to boycott dmc4 and guess what happen they still bought the the haters will buy the new DmC cause they bitch and yet still buy the game they bitch about.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1223d ago
Or they could buy Metal Gear Revengeance or Anarchy Reigns which are pretty near it's launch window.......just a yours...
CrimsonDragon90  +   1221d ago
yea but trust me on this one.they will buy it like I said they where more upset when it went to the Xbox 360.its just the ones that hate it don't want to admit they like it.and if they don't its ok.but what do they gain by saying they hate it.their no gonna get the game cancel if that's what their trying to do they failed cause its gonna come out so by now their just wasting their breath.
kingPoS  +   1223d ago
Hmm... Dante needs more badass to reach silver haired status.

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