Global Weekly Chart, Ending 29th Sep 2012

1: 3DS - 218,138 (+21%)
2: PS3 - 206,216 (+68%)
3: X360 - 142,853 (+17%)
4: PSP - 47,481 (+49%)
5: PSV - 43,243 (+30%)
6: Wii - 38,210 (+9%)
7: DS - 21,457 (-8%)

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LX-General-Kaos1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Another week has gone by and the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system has edged by the competition, gracefully landing the number one position on the worldwide charts once more. Things continue to look positive for the Nintendo brand as they dominate the dedicated handheld gaming space.

The industry as a whole has had a positive week, with almost all units ending the week with a substantial increase in weekly percentage. A much needed boost for overall moral. Hopefully next week we will all witness the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system pass the 21 million units sold milestone. Which will be a worthy achievement unlocked for the industry leading dedicated handheld device.

As we scoot closer to the holiday season with exclusives, and bundles formulating at every turn. I predict that the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system will pass the 25 million units sold mark by years end. Significantly furthering its install base, while maximizing 3rd party developer support. We can only hope for the best.

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forestfrog1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Hi, I'm forest frog.

DFresh1989d ago

Get outside and see the world.
Seriously you praising any company to make profits is just sad bro.

forestfrog1989d ago

Its OK d-fresh, lx general kaos is just passionate about Nintendo products, and the gaming industry in general, I've noticed Nintendo in particular tends to have this effect on people, but praising the 3ds like its gods gift when the vita exists, delusional...

darthv721989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

are humorous. I never find them offensive to anything else. Meaning they arent specifically attacking in nature but simply pro nintendo for the most part.

granted that alone will yield a slew of disagrees but these posts are nothing like the derogatory ones made specifically towards other platforms or the fan base.

There are far to many one sided hateful remarks being thrown around this site. These comments are the opposite but could be construed as hateful in a way because they dont specifically insult the competition.

they are just.....funny.

solidworm1989d ago

But I thought teh pstriple was doooooomed?

WiiUalpha1989d ago

I thought sales didnt matter and VGchartz was made up numbers?

NewMonday1989d ago

Sony should just stop selling the PSP, if they do that and cut the Vita to 199$ sales will triple

sikbeta1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I thought Vita would sell great, but PSP > Vita it seems...

kneon1989d ago

There are plenty of countries where $199 is still way too much. That's why the PS2 and PSP will still be around for a while yet.

darthv721989d ago

it is dooooomed. Its all relative to how you want to use the term.

And with that, you can say the same about the other platforms as well.

12/20/2012 we are all dooooomed.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1989d ago

one day the PSVita will have its time. one day.....maybe.

InTheLab1989d ago

Damn...the Wii fell hard...and why are people still buying DSs and PSPs?

sikbeta1989d ago

DS = cheaper than 3DS

PSP = Piracy + multimedia capabilities

ronin4life1989d ago

Psp= strong library in Japan that keeps getting stronger

This is the actual reason.

MightyPatapon1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

68% increase this week?

Definitely because of the new PS3 model. Interesting that sales increased that much without a price-cut. Maybe Apple's strategy of releasing sleeker hardware at the same price of the old hardware works for more than just Apple?

Good to see that Uncharted 3 is still selling well and it's no doubt due to the game of the year edition.

See Sony, this is what happens when you do a good job at marketing and building hype for a product, it makes money.

Same goes for the nearly 2 year-old Gran Turismo 5.

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