Jeremy Lai-Yates: Naughty Dog's Lead Gameplay Animator

Before good ol' GDC comes around again, DesignSessions jumped the gun and interviewed Naughty Dog's Lead Gameplay Animator Jeremy Lai-Yates about the recently released PlayStation 3 hit Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. When Beth A. Dillon (the interviewer) first played the game, she just stared in awe while I watched lead character Nathan Drake get wet. Yeah, that sounds bad. But seriously, the engine is sophisticated enough to know exactly where Drake's clothes get wet, and even better than that, they gradually dry over time once you jump out of the water. Stunning details like this are bending real-time in-game environment response to player actions.

Jeremy is one of the artists responsible for the life-like movements of characters in real-time play found in Uncharted. Forget sitting back to watch pretty cut scenes-now's the time to enact them. And if you leave this interview wanting more, check out Jeremy's talk with Lead Character Technical Director Judd Simantov - "Uncharted Animation: An In-depth Look at the Character Animation Workflow and Pipeline" - Wednesday, February 20 at the Game Developers Conference.


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