Nathan Purkeypile: Fallout 3's World Artist at Bethesda Softworks

Ever have one of those dreams where you're decked out in post-nuclear protective gear trying to escape and then you realize you're stuck in turn-based combat and you have to play out the whole scene in your head? Yeah, well, those of us who played too much Fallout in the dark did. Fallout's unique 50's pulp sci-fi style is coming back with the in-development Fallout 3. DesignSessions were fortunate enough to be directed to Nate Purkeypile, World Artist at Bethesda Softworks, to get word on his personal experience with the project so far. It sounds like he's enjoying dreaming up nuclear Wasteland grit in high-def quality.


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Ru3727d ago

Scenery in this game is going to breathtaking ^_^

Joey Gladstone3726d ago

I was iffy about them at first but any company that sued EA in 1987 for $7.3 million is OK with me...
..."The JOEY has Spoken"

Relcom3726d ago

Having no hope in your situation yet you find humor everywhere and enjoy yourself.

Fallout have always been about pop culture jokes mix with dark humor, and thats what people ador about them. Sure the gameplay is awesome, but what i personally kept playing it for was all the jokes and easter eggs. Its not depressing to me at all.

MK_Red3726d ago

Relcom said it all. Bubbles for you my friend.

Fallout 3 will slaughter in 2008. Gameplay and humor wise ;)

Xibot3726d ago

with his last name I bet he was teased a lot.

I mean.